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It is a mountain the man. I don't know whether you've ever bombed i liked to have a good time on. So he's but. I was in the mountains and to forty five minutes. Who told me that. I could go to the mountains in front of all of of the jewish people to know all of the joy. The jokes the world and i has stock jokes. Somebody thought i could go up there and make one hundred dollars fifty dollars a night for forty five minutes with no realized right. I will not stage and i did my jokes. I got no laughs. No no loves for forty five minutes after all through kling kling kling kling. No distant heard. This was worse than my mother. Skin'll and driving from new york. Yeah your your heart died drums from new york to back in new york. I really really wanted to drive off the grid. No you don't understand. what bad is. It was bad man out. Believe me i. I've been doing this more than half my life. I definitely know what bad not. Not this is based on mean crying bad and got a little better than three years later. I went back up to the early. And i did you know and i did. I did a better job. Numbers all jewish lady. She was a waitress. There cut me on the shoulder. She says much better this time. So yes so. I did that. With the reverend. Learn and said the reverend the reverend died with the jews continued to do the reverend i got better and then i was so good. Selling advertising went out to los angeles to sell advertising. So i did that. I'd pose man. I went to universal. I put down a loss on the bus up at elton john up on the buses and new york city. I was good but so you never die. You're not one of these guys are like only stand up you you kind of have one foot in the regular world to have a financial cushion to do what i wanted to do on a brand new lincoln to make that money in some advertising in rags saw handle money to do it and when i started i had a car. If you got a car in new york city all other comedians were he got a call. He got a car driving them around drive on tokyo. Drive around and Did you guys. Were you doing road. Gigs here too. I mean we'll look things around new jersey. An out on the island and jerry jerry and paul reiser in Miller yeah i long enough. I was only there for six months because of my personality. I had people crazy in standing ovation. So once you get to be that good killing it to sell killing him. Maybe i should move to the bottom of another level. So that's took me out to los angeles. How very miller you talked to him. I haven't talked awhile last time. We went down to to come into magical. He's doing okay after his accident. You know okay good so so you move out to comedy and to sell advertising. I moved to do advertising. And and i got really to come into comedy store. They let you in mitzi. Let you in hollywood jason. What happened at one of doing. I'm like mr big shit in new york comic strip of catch rather than star and the improv and good times. I'm doing renfro rafferty. Rub it on. yeah i was doing. I don't know what you did. But i was up to seven sets night. Sure yeah running around doing three clubs. He do the which is yeah. Yeah yeah running up and down up and down so you can become good material once you get your timing. You become good. Hey and you only have to do fifteen minutes keep repeating. It should get better right and then sometimes you do it so much. That don't do their job already. Yes my with my fucked up. On joke i read. It is yes was. I'll give it up doing it again three times. So but when. I got to california on what to the comics comedy store. Yeah and seventy eight seventy seven okay. Seventy seven. I went on to come come to show was closed. Head to the in. Westwood robin williams. Everybody's got david letterman. We're all on stage together. And i want dishes on monday night and then i killed yup and i walked off stage and i want to trying to get a little approval. Hide writing. I do for my cloud. Boy boy doubles like pam. Like damn come. I am doing well. I did just killed it now. You can't work club size and fuck her. The next day i called him for scott's yeah five spots for the week in. I knew she was crazy. She just told me. Last time i could not work club right. Yeah and i call on tuesday. I get five spots for the rest of the and worked by ever. And i'm wanting to guys that worked at the communist and worked with improv. Back in the day they didn't want you to work both so in seventy seven. The roster's was like you and letterman leno. They were bigger than me. A may maypole. Paul mooney mooney. Lame bouzid owner. So many good good all of those guys are out there there you know yeah really cool But but watching. Richard pryor workout. That was also right. Did you get to talk to him. Come on he's really like what you do realize but he was awesome. I saw him get thing. I learned about him. I saw him bomb so bad for three weeks. He is sean bomb to while you wouldn't you wouldn't see wouldn't give in like me like do something. Funny he bombs so badly service last album things. Sunset live on sunset. Hey they do multiple no. Can't do bomo talk and it was so bad for three weeks was going well. This wasn't going to work the fourth week. Go but at least it's a little better than last week. How weak you go six weeks ago. Let's get his coming together and about after four months. Go like this motherfucker gotta show live on sunset daughter so that was a great learning process to watch him. He signed build it from nothing. Just yeah bomb. So i'm kinda used to bomb every night. People didn't know what the hell he was doing. He had used to clear the room. You got. I got an old tape. I when i was a doorman at the store in eighty seven. So i spend a lot of time. Yeah i spent a lot of time. Doing sam's coke eighty noli back. Then you didn't get to know me that well because by the time. Eight five hundred tonight show god. I was gone. Ditches like show nineteen seventy nine and the next night. I was opening for natalie cold front of seventeen thousand people. That was the one you kind of. Did it tonight show. You're gone people hard you so that was it. So that was the gig right. Because you didn't have the comedy clubs yet. You had to open for for musical acts. Yes over another coal work. Work for diana ross george benson smokey robinson. Helen reddy paul anka. I was tom jones to five years of dying with tom. Jones a loved it. I loved it. Because then i didn't i was working with donald. Ross don't let disco air. Yeah.

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