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Yeah. Now now are you suggesting now in Long Island. There's always that rivalry between Ray Longo gym. It's like aljamain that guy mehrab and then there's like your gym, right? It's you Gregor, Gillespie. A like he does with you guys or is he with the other gym and seemed like guys are rotating back and forth. What's going on talking about Long Island right now? Yeah, the thing is, there's no rivalry dead. People think that I guess but there's no rivalry. We just those guys live further out in Nassau County and the traffic sucks and they're not driving out here. And we live further out here. Traffic sucks. So we're not driving out there for an hour or so. They have their spot in Garden City, like I write out by Nassau Community College. And we're out, we're out here in ice have been in Farmingdale with Long Island MMA. So we don't we only cross over like maybe once a week, tops twice a week. Long we we there's no rivalry. We go back and forth and help each other all the time. If they have a fight coming up, we go out there. We start as far without I get ready. Like if he's getting ready for something else. If if I have something coming up like merab aljamain, they're out at our practices when they're here and not in Vegas these days, but they're out like once a week and a half. Some of their other guys are out at the gym. Also a lot more than others. But yeah, it's all love here on the island. There's no, like, no rivalry off at all. It's not like, it's not like, they mean, The Bongo. Let's get these guys. Like like things fucking guys. Let's go funny, though. I watch that, though. Would like to watch that finally. Bubba Jenkins, beat Lance Palmer. That was a huge upset that's in your weight class and then you got also note on Schultz lost as well in your weight class, right? No, that was, that's the guy I fought. That was that the Champions. Okay, so probably in your weight class were you surprised? Yes and no because supposedly if you do your the Dig Inn on them. They wrestled against each other d one, when they were in college it was the same age group. I guess used to always get the better of Lance. He was a really good wrestler and so but Lance has been kind of fighting and fighting consistently more successfully for a while not that Bubba hasn't won his fights but he's lost some fights as well. So I was giving Lance The Edge on just took the MMA experience but man, he like he just reached back to like the wrestling days and just controlled him..

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