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You can start your car. And another one is That supplements and vitamins and etcetera From now on. Once this bill passes, you have to get a doctor's prescription before you can go by and can't remember the counter anymore. If you heard about that. Is that true or not, I have not heard about now. And here's the thing with these kinds of massive bills. I wouldn't be surprised how much nonsense is buried in there. I don't know how I don't know how you're going to force mitt car manufacturers to put a Breathalyzer into your into your car for you to be able to start it or for you to be able to be able to buy your own vitamins when those are They're not regulated by the FDA anyway. So why would they be able to stop a private company from putting those on the market? Ray? I have got to take a break. If you'll keep listening. I will. I'll give you more of my thoughts on that when we come back, okay? Yeah. Thanks. Awesome. Thank you for listening. Thank you Ready for being out there? Yes, we are live. We'll be right back with more of the Allen Sanders show. So far is so good, especially in your mind to the northern suburbs. 85 forces sound issues between 25 9 85 see some light rainfall in Georgia 400 in Alfa Rhetta. No delays. As of now between Alfa Red are also in Sandy Springs, 75 5 75. Also speed will make conditions in common. Cherokee County is the supporters are actually the Georgia Department of Behavioral, Health and Development Disabilities. When the U. S Chamber of Commerce Foundation in Georgia D B HDD for discussion on working with employees to overcome opioid use disorder, September 15th at three PM shared solutions that us to reddish er I'm Mike Schultz 95.5 ws speed. The amount of radio is only five day forecast from WSB media ranches Christina Edwards sponsored by brain, a pest management they handle bugs and critters. Clouds.

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