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Abc loss orange county a cumulus station kabc news is live and local at twelve noon i'm geoff whittle donald trump jr release several emails today regarding his meeting last year with a russian lawyer during which he was told he be given damaging information about hillary clinton senator lindsey graham a republican calls the email chamber between donald trump junior and a man who arranged for him to meet with a russian lawyer disturbing eight ten year in a campaign and you get offer from a foreign government day of your campaign the answer is no more than disturbing is how hillary clinton's running mate senator tim kaine views it is question of collusion which essentially starts to transition this into attention the trees the best ignition when he was approach with this i asia tornado on trump junior's email team revelation chose he went into the meeting to possibly get dirt on clinton as quote part of russia and its government support for mr trump bob costantini washington authorities who are serving damage from a wildfire near orovic veil and northern california have found at least three dozen homes destroyed the fbi says it's investigating an explosion at an air force recruiting office in a suburb of tulsa oklahoma last night a witness reported seeing someone a motorcycle in the area at the time but no one's in custody for the bombing and that recruited office was closed at the time now fbi special agent jesse rice talks about the charges the bombers could be facing potentially were looking at weapons of mass destruction charges on explosive device charges though it depending on what radico terrorismrelated or whether it's criminal related that wall on dictate charges there's a high surf advisory for all la and orange county beaches through ten o'clock tomorrow tomorrow night with five to eight put waves and dangerous riptides expected beachgoers scott mcclellan had this advice for surfers while speaking at nbc for news at a popular surfing spotted newport beach definitely can't have no faith in this go and the words that the note today and the international olympic committee voted today in switzerland simultaneously award the 2024 and twenty twenty eight summer olympics in september the only two cities in the running are los angeles and paris which gave their respective presentations to the.

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