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Roeder the FBI continues to investigate yesterday's shooting at tree of life synagogue and the suspected suspected gunman Katie gay radios. Joe DO reports the FBI has completed a search a forty six year old Robert Bowers home in Baldwin borough and have searched his vehicle special agent in charge. Bob Jones, says they're still reviewing social and digital media. At this point. We have nothing to indicate that Bowers had accomplices. But again, we are in the early stages of this investigation hours faces twenty nine federal accounts. Twenty two of which are punishable by death the crime scene in and around tree of light. Synagogue remains coordoned-off processing that scene could take up to a week county operations center in North Point breeze. Joe NewsRadio ten twenty Katie. K we now know the names of all eleven victims from yesterday's mass shooting. They are Joyce Feinberg of Oakland. Richard Godfried of Ross township rose mailing are of squirrel hill. Jerry Rabinowitz of Edgewood brothers. See and David Rosenthal of squirrel hill. Spouses, Bernice and Sylvan Simon of Wilkins Berg, Daniel Stein of squirrel hill. Melvin wax of squirrel hill and Irving younger of mount Washington. The victims range in age from sixty five to ninety seven six people were also injured including four police officers to people one civilian and one officer remain in critical condition. The Jewish Federation of greater Pittsburgh will hold an interfaith vigil today at soldiers and sailors memorial in Oakland doors, open at three the service will begin at five tonight parking in the garage below will be free community leaders and squirrel hill. Residents are praising police for their courageous response to Saturday's massacre. But today city police chief Scott Schubert offered his condolences and support to the local Jewish community. We have a strong relationship with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh. And I just want to tell them that we grieve with you. We support you. And we're here for you. We will continue to work with you. This was a tragic thing for everybody. Meanwhile, the world is mourning the shooting here in Pittsburgh for many the shooting is a painful reminder of what happened at the AME church in Charleston, South Carolina in two thousand fifteen I'm Jim Krasula. It was cruel irony. The Reverend Eric manning was wrapping up a conference that is Charleston, South Carolina church focusing on the fatal shooting there in June of two thousand fifteen when he heard about the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre manning immediately thought about the similarities he said, quote, it's immensely troubling. We've come so far from a growth perspective, but we've taken so many steps backward in terms of civility at in terms of working with each other. Jim Krasula CBS news in other national news, CBS news is learning. More about the motive of Caesar Sayek. The man accused of sending at least thirteen pipebombs to opponents of President Trump CBS news correspondent, Alison keys has more a high. Banking law enforcement source tells CBS news that say I didn't intend to hurt anyone. And that's why the bombs were not connected to source says it is believed that built at least some of the bombs inside his white van and some material was recovered from the vehicle sack was living in a van he stopped talking to police and has retained an attorney. In Katie.

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