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Mrs torres spirit blau the metal a day it's slight it's it is slightly different but brady similar to speak to the attroney sterling a habit dan done dumb and let's up taurus actually lost as lawsuit key blue ivory cup taurus lost this it's even worse than it sounds because taurus toward with led zeppelin and played that song be four steroid of heaven came along but they'll remember that not all remember though they probably don't lost the past days let's be honest it's very true triple eight nine hundred thirty three 93 of you could think of some we there's also the real famous queen david voting under pressure song and then the vanilla ice blatant rip off now originally i thought because there is this thing called sampling and you can get permission from an artist to just sample a little teeny part of their song he didn't do that though what he did say originally was yeah i added a note listen to this is obviously the original under pressure by david bowie and queen britain by david in all the queen member mm the and given the above and beyond.

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