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The thing that I've been thinking about is. How do we come out of this better than we went into this Because it is such a reflection of every failing that we have that is in place that is not in place and when you look at the success that other countries have had in preventing the amount of deaths that we have. It is incredibly heartbreaking to me one of the things that all of those countries or a lot of those countries have in common is. They're all run by women and since two thousand eighteen election Michigan's top elected offices are now all held by women whether it's governor attorney. General Secretary of state or Senator Michigan Selected Democratic Woman for State Wide Office on Tuesdays ballot nationally. More women will serve in Congress than ever before political analyst. Dave Giulio says it comes as no surprise me. Too Movement is without a doubt out in front. I'm wondering do you think that that changes? How estate is run. I know that the fact that I get to work with attorney. General and governor in Chief Justice the import who we have some shared experiences. There's all of our gender and other things that we're all their unique people that it creates a solidarity that otherwise might not be there. I could just. I'm so grateful every day as I get to work with this governor and I learned so much from see her. She's handled every crisis with grace and dignity and formal and you see you know the fact that she's a mom. Look cheever Dahmer. The experiences that are unique to her gender and being a woman that have shared to she as we see that reflected in a lot of ways makes and I've certainly and I said to her many times I can't imagine anyone else in competition that she's been doing good a job as she has an part of that. Is You know what she's learned as a mom as a daughter and a female lawmaker most of her career being the only female voices in the room and the Grit and the grace that generates in you and ability to bring people together making questions so I think a lot of that has combined to make her great leader and I see that a lot of this who've had to overcome a lot in order to be taken seriously a Michigan. All she does is. She has no idea what's going on and she does say. Oh it's the federal government's full. I don't want them to say things that aren't true. I want them to be appreciative. Youngest woman to run a law school when I became law and I saw immediately how it can different type of approach to leadership when you're a minority voice in any way I think it's certainly shape term short sheets a lot of leaders and also the other thing is is. We don't have a lot of women to undo and say. I want to do it like that. Hopefully that is changing now. But we're really kind of making that leadership up as we go along being inclusive of everything that we are because it's very hard. I mean I remember totally unrelated but I had an agent who I loved very much and she was a woman and she left the agency and I said to her. I said I don't understand like why are you leaving? And she said to me she said because I look around and there's no one that's doing it the way. I think I need to do it so I need to get out of here and figure out what that end and it just struck a chord with me because so often we are shaping what leadership looks like by trying to emulate what are male counterparts. Make leadership look like and I think it is the grace of governor Whitmer. It is her ability to have empathy and compassion. And all of those things that make women special because of not in spite of and so. I'm just so pleased that my daughter she's five and that she gets to grow up in a world where she hopefully we'll have women in leadership positions that she can say. You know what I WANNA do like that. I worked in sports briefly. We've talked about that. Yeah is you're saying that and just thinking about that as well because I've never felt more aware of my gender and the way in which it on my ability to be effective and successful than when I work in sports and is this irony that most women executives have some background in sports and athletes many ripe executives has worked with after have some sort of sports in their background and if irony. That one of the industry's where women are released. Empowered is also the one that can create female leaders in other industries I think awesome only have a lot of fire making sure sports. They possible okay. Everyone money levels and and a lot on that too and and there's a similar piece to know what does leadership charter to recreate each a role that women know that they can truly be anything cannot see and but I always tell you especially when it's been too young female athletes is that you have to be what you can't see right now like right now and hopefully you'll see it more. You have to be that champion. You have to be that leader and I'm really hopeful that their daughter are where young girls that are gonNA be growing up in environment where there are more female leaders will really just reached a tipping point. Where every young girl goes a long that they can do anything and really. Just be able to close your eyes and dream of what that looks. I wanted to empire. That was my first job. It's so cool. I'm not owning me. Just a young girl even in high school. Well you know I can't being apart. I didn't even think that much about off the table right. And that really impacted me and so I got into politics that as an athlete myself and all the different ways in which many industries are are not equally open to women and what women leaders could do to industry to improve them if they were equally open to women and another that and then I think just finally. I'd like to ask you because I know right now. Everything feels so raw and scary and uncertain and disheartening. What just give you hope about? Twenty twenty the goodness of the People. We are seeing merging this crisis. The people who every night New York City applauds these hostile locals that the people who are hacking their lives so that they could take care of other he means in hospitals. The goodness that is emerged. One of these. This gives me hope and talking that we will get through this together. Knowledge that things like elections but determine who has power in this country will continue the industry that creates vaccines is working out to the goodness of humanity will the the individuals who are choosing to emulate right now and so much of who we all country? The party's GonNa be defined over here in terms of how elections and how we elect people but also how we do everything but we can from shopping to entertainment to claim for it. And so I think the more people who make informed decisions for the best community. Don't fall victim. I guess you could say to partisan agendas and devices actions the mark people who choose good and Jews Service. The better off will be at the society so that telling written but it gives me hope because so many people choosing goodness cheating service choosing community cheating prolonged Taber and that ultimately that choice individuals making that choice is I think what's going to bring up to. I am so glad there is you in this world. Thank you so much a part of the podcast. I appreciate you so much. Well since this conversation was recorded. Donald trump publicly attacked Joscelyn for doing her job and protecting voting rights. Something he knows is bad for him and the Republican Party so because of that we asked her to close out. Today's episode with some words about that attack. Here is jostled high. My name is Jocelyn Benson. But you might know me as that rogue secretary of state from Michigan. At least that's what. The president of the United States calls me. His recent tweets about my decision to send all Michigan voters. Applications to safely vote by mail suggestion. I had gone rogue and acted illegally and informing our voters about their rights. He was wrong in Michigan. Every registered voter has the right to vote by mail and as we collectively endure this moment of great uncertainty caused by global pandemic that has taken the lives of nearly one hundred thousand Americans. It's both within my authority and responsibility as Michigan's chief election officer to ensure every voter knows that they do not need to risk their health to cast their ballot. Our democracy requires no less. So why is the president attacking me spreading false information about the voting rights of our citizens and my authority to protect them even going so far as to threaten to withhold federal funding from our state unless we comply with his demands. Well the obvious answer. Is that Michigan is one of several states that will heavily influence the outcome of this year's presidential election. But there's more to it than that this year perhaps more than any other. Americans will be inundated by efforts to confuse them about the elections process. Their rights issues at stake and whether the elections will be held at all these efforts foreign domestic partisan or simply militias are designed to foster mistrust in our elections process. Depress turnout and erode confidence in the election results and the of our democracy. They are a real threat to the health of our republic and they will only escalate in the months ahead. That's why it's incumbent upon all of us regardless of where we are or what our positions are to stand up in the face of any attempts to deploy false information about our elections and our voters rights. We must be vigilant against any and all attempts to hack our voters minds with social media posts and scare tactics that falsely threatened their confidence in our elections by proactively seeking out reliable sources of information and encouraging productive dialogue. Now make no mistake. It will take all of us every single one of us to work together if we are going to disarm and diminish to confuse our electorate but only by doing so. Can we fully succeed? In ensuring our elections are a secure. An accurate reflection of the will of the people now is not the time for partisan game ship but this moment in history requires that we come together and resist attempts to de-legitimize elections and silence. The Voice of our voters. We cannot let misinformation whether it comes from the White House the Kremlin or anywhere else so seeds of doubt in our elections process facts must prevail over fear otherwise it does not one party that will lose to the other that our nation that will lose its democracy. Sorry not sorry is executive produced by listen a lot out. That's me. Our associate producer has ben Jackson Editing and engineering. Tasha's Jake Guts and music by Josh Cooke. Alicia Eagle and Milo Bully Ari. That's my boy. Please subscribe on spotify Itunes or wherever you get your podcasts and if you like the show please rate review and spread the word..

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