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Homeowners. Tell me tell me about area You've been with the company for a while. I've been with the company a little over eight years It started about nine years ago. gosh probably almost going on ten years Between the owner his name's jimmy rice and the creative director at the time. Her name was catherine curb. The partnered together She had a background in installation art. In jamie had a background in theatre set design and created a company. That did a lot of photofinishing that eventually turned into wallpaper. And so those two meeting kinda had this moment of while. What would it look like if we took artists art work created that whole type of environment almost eh theatrical set design So that was jamie's background. It was not. It was not a far stretch to go from a the theater. Set design into changing an entire space with just one wall oftentimes. that's but you're working with in theaters. Just one wall and changing the whole perception of your space. And so i came on eight years ago. Believe it or not as a design intern. I did all of the branding The installation images and a lot of the setup work to get it to a space of sellable product. And i love something that you said you know. Let's let's talk about theatrics for a minute. It jamie was a prop master and so he for for live stage I i've done a lot of work with the set decorator..

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