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Jason clark space enables show you they're trying to cut it to where if you look they have jason's jason clark his shadow was in the curtains washes there in the dark room and it looked like he's about to sneak up on her in string over a rope us up there do some dark dang this is not neither a a movie it's not even a dark thriller it's not even a dark drama really no man is this the one thing i thought i'd say it and not a thriller but it does look like she gets his site and then his jealousy gets out of control well let me and that's what they want you to think it turned his hitchcock shit with the where she gets a site he gets jealous maybe he has murderous tendencies let me just say this first the ball in the movie it's it's it they do interesting bangs the mess in a good the bad but in the film date they do some crazy shit with blindness first the ball blindness makes horn is frogman ob and blind and blood because she's blind she has to imagine what sex with her man is like so being blind for her is like being in orgy is like is not a different guy every night issa is every guy every night that she has six with with jason clark like cheap pictures like when they showed in the movie is like a kaleidoscope of man all aung is warming because that's what she's pick because she can't picture just one face and she's blinds like was should i'm just gonna bring everybody at okay fantasies come on in and they and they help sex with her already been kind of like sex is like like all her other hint horton's car horn in this is heightened by daredevil i know likes to get desperate chemical much shit i got a fuss grind on this wall to echo look i show is dragging on a float like a there's that employers.

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