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I was in like Ireland and London. Ray bomb as well. Sorry to interrupt his ribs fucking and they have all these barbecue barbecue just hit over there in a big way, but it's all like very nice, sit down. He kind of it's like, oh, you get a little bit of pulled pork and two sides, and it's all four connive and like walking away with the White House or it's very, it's way nicer than it should be. Where was this is was an Ireland also in London, EMMY my girlfriend walked into one and we were like, no, we're not. No, we're not gonna eat here. This and let was like, no, I'm all About Eve with your fucking hand. Imagine that's funny because I would imagine that would be like one Irish person was like, yeah, I went to New York City. I went to an Irish pub and they like had waiters and waitresses, and it was like TV's on the wall, and it's not a real Irish. And then like farmers are like, hey, we have an American barbecue restaurant, but it's high end. Yeah, it's. It's. Doing stuff you you're from New York if you've been to hometown barbecue? Yes. Okay. And I used to love fete sow was the place I liked. It's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and it was. I don't even know what it's reference to f. e. space SAU and they're fucking barbecue is bomb and it's like a tray point place, but it's like Boosie because it's Williamsburg. So it's kinda history, but it is still like get up there with the train. But like how many of these, how much of this. And that's like my dream, like make my plate by pointing. The count, like you say, I want this. I want this amount weight wise, right? Yeah, three-quarter band brisket. I'm a huge fan of the brisket burns obviously at Bris brisket role. If there's some Slaw a little bit of Slaw what pickles on their brisket. That's we're talking about blood says, that's my favorite thing there that's not meet is their bread and butter pickles har- incredible. Bread and butter pickles are my favorite pickles, and I think it's because they most go well on sandwiches and barbecues, and I'm not a, I'm not a pickle dude, but I'll get into those like I won't even I won't put on. I think I'll just like, oh, some nice acid on top of this incredibly fatty meat. I mean, it's like a savory sorbet for. Just place a pickle under your tongue. Lingual. Just get those nutrients in there. It's also nice that you don't have to fake that you hate thing right now wants to. Yeah, I do take take the side of the guests. We'll just like suddenly hate the food. I like a lot of things. There's little. I don't like I'm just an path. I grew up in like kind of sheltered food household..

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