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He's going in the right direction otherwise he may not ever get there while. I've got bad news for somebody because this is the first first thing that I looked up when she said that number around forty looking over Jameis Winston fifty-seven starts oh he is what he is. He is what is like unfortunately. Dj like Marcus this here Marcus Mariota they are they are and so now it's about like both of them like both of them coming out of what can we do. How can we voted around and whatever whatever like for James James will always be a guy that is a high turnover. Ga- high-volume turnovers risk taker whatever it is we can talk about as going to be safer. He is what he is. This Marcus Mariota. We always won't just a little more from him. I think they will play the game like that. So now teams have to do is they have to do evaluation. How much do we value quarterback plays like they play with the money that you have to pay them on their second contract. What what is the new twenty million thirty million dollars standard for play. Is it better to go back and say oh you know what we're just hit reboot and started all over the college quarterback last last last thing and we'll move onto these games here. I know we've we've gone along here but it's it's a fun discussion. I enjoyed over. This is the image I have my mind a lot of pictures in my head today. I don't know why the coffee must've been good but this is the image I have book. It's it's Mike Zimmer go into kirk cousins and saying hey man lets you got you. WanNa go. You WanNa go ride a bike down the beach okay so they get out of the car and then Kirk pulls out his bike in and goes coach. Where's where's your bike that you don't have your you're GonNa Right. I thought you say you want to write back. No no no I'll be hold onto your seat. You go ahead and hold on to that seat as we're going down the boardwalk there because the vikings have done. Maybe not the training wheels back on but I promise you Zimmer is holding onto the back of that seat is not only holding onto that I think what they did. Is he say courage. What are we GONNA do is we're going to the pier and I got a brand new shiny bike for you and when Kurt hurt gets to the peer it's a tandem tandem bike and Gary Kubiak on the back peddling acre. I've been waiting for you. Hop On what you pedal we will be because that's what the Minnesota Vikings are. Oh that's great. I love that all right. Let's get to these. Dj So here wild. Here's the thing here's the thing I want to say about kirk cousins because everyone's gonna take kirk cousins task for the contract and the money or whatever but at the end of the day I don't mind if kirk cousins plays like that if he wins by whatever you paid a quarterback you pay back but if he wins games you're paying him to get your team to win circle and if we can win games with Emily Thorne ten passes says I'm fine with that it is really and I think some people mess this open. We talk about the reason why you want a franchise quarterback. The reason why you want a franchise quarterback isn't because you need him every game. Is I want to have in case. We need them. If everybody else is off now I can. It'll be like okay Kurt. Today's your day. We need you to kind of care. It's we're struggling a little bit with the running game. You pick it up. I got you is not all sixteen games. I want to grind you into the ground is no four five games a year. I need you to be able to put us on your back if it breaks out like that. I think that's a great way to put it. Let's get to this game. You're Texans Saints the end of our talk about all the the defensive structure in in play calling there at the end of the game which was goofy because I think that's probably been discussed ad nauseam on every other show. One thing that makes us our show a little bit different because we're looking at the team building aspect and to me you know. I'm a chance to talk with Scott Satterfield a little later on about colleges and how you build that program a build a team that way but when you look at the saints this is a team that really outside outside too bizarre plays they're in the they're in the super bowl the last two years buck but when you look at how their team is constructed. I think it is Fascinat- I think when you look at at their ability to get after the quarterback quarterback there's still some flaws in his team but their ability to get after the quarterback and their ability to be explosive offensively so to me. I think that's how this team's been build. It's been built with pass rush defensively and then just a lot of explosive plays on offense. I mean they are dynamic on office. They probably wanted to more more dynamic. Teams that we will find enough was interesting about their dynamic abilities. The fact that their quarterback is an agent quarterback Ken necessarily push the ball all the way down to feel but what what they've been able to do is they've been able to take a smart quarterback who's accurate who gets the ball out of his hands put him in a system with. Sean paid where he does a great job again to pieces on the Chessboard Wide Open and then those guys when they get the ball in their hands. They make big things happen. Alvin Kamara to me is phenomenal but just because he controls the game to me. He's the best player on office. He's the guy to me. Controls the board does everything that you want to see and because he's such a a tough match-up when it comes to defend a run or defending him in the passing game he opens up opportunities for others Ito Ninety seven Russia are seventy two receiving ars really gets it done and then it Michael Thomas Micheal. Thomas is just kind of like the dependable pass Catcher to chain. Mover tank catches one hundred twenty three yards. I say he is the new version of what Marques Colston was for them and that's not a slight to him but he is the God that is too big receiver that makes it happening. He wins those match us because he's more physical he just going to bully on the perimeter. Yeah I think they had four guys have a catch over twenty yards so your ability to get some explosive the place in the past game you look at the run game they had gosh with three runs of twenty plus yards in the run game so it's hard even with the veteran like drew brees to to have these long sustained drives you kind of get some chunk place built in there and so you have to have the personnel. You have to have the scheme. You have to have guys that can make things happen. I think they have that offensively and defensively which will get us talking to the Houston Texans here they can get after the pastor. Would they end up with six sacks in this game which I did see. I do want to I do. WanNa say this because I know a lot of people were were saying all this shows that the tunsil thing was dumped trade and Blah Blah Blah. No no this is. That's not what the showed because when you watch this game console played well the one sack that they had off of him to Sean actually kind of drifts in the pocket. He's about eleven yards deep so you gotta have a consistent launch pointed. I wasn't even tonsils fall. He played well. This is the problem that I have book is some coaches even when you have coaches that are now functioning as the general manager uh their reluctance to play young players. There's nothing that would frustrate me more on the personnel side and I love to get your take on this but when you try it out veterans because because they quote unquote know what to do even though they can't do it. They've got young offensive lineman. They picked high in the draft. Throw them out there. Let's let let them let them make their mistakes. Learn grow. At least they have the physical ability to grow into developing to be that guy. You're playing with some guys on that offensive line line that just they've proven that they are they are they aren't good enough. Let the young guys get out there. Take their lumps and develop just that drives me nuts a DJ it it does drive you nuts and I'm in full agreement with you and the and the reason why you should play young players especially early in the year and I don't know how they did it in Baltimore with some teams that you were there but when I was with the Carolina Panthers John Fox always broke the season up in quarters and basically he was let's just go three and one every quarter put you twelve and four and more times than not homefield advantage throughout the playoffs and if you really think about the way this goes if you can just get to the halfway mark at three and five four and four you really set up to make a run down the stretch and so played young guys early because we've seen a New England patriots the first month or so at a season is about finding finding your identity finding who you play are finding who can you can do what and then the last part of the season is kind of really honed in refining the way that you have to play once you figure Aww that identity I think for Bill Ryan. This is a great opportunity early in the year for the young guys out. Let's see what they do. They do it and you still have enough enough time weeks four weeks five weeks six if those young guys are struggling are let's go to the Board Fan. Bring the vets in because I guess weren't ready but you have to put him on the field well because it not only hurts you this year but Hershey next year because next year when you need them to play they haven't played they don't have any seasoning. They don't have any experience. You have to find a way to put those guys on the field so we'll see we'll see what happens with the Texans as they go forward. I do know one thing that quarterback is the real deal and he is so easy to root for because the a toughness that he displays. I love things about Shawn Watson other than the fact that he's just a great dude when you get a chance to spend time with them as you have as well but but the the fact that he is fearless listen back there and the fact that you tell me again about the chest thing because knowing went to attack. This dude is aggressive and he attacks man. I love how aggressive he plays a quarterback position yeah so does. Shawn is one of the guys that has trained with a mega seth what's always talks about his threats and attacks when you play chess the first thing that you do before you even touch apiece. Is You need to overlooked aboard. You need to figure out where the threats are at and how to attack tacked threats and what he's been able to do into..

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