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Yeah i mean like i've had i've been able to talk about it with some people they i had this one fiancee my second fiancee i ask a question that no one could have asked me because i hadn't really told anyone about this and he said wait we we we we draw the way that you look the way that you think the look which is what i do every day when i put on makeup look i dyed my hair bleach blond i put on fake eyelashes i do focus of makeup every day so i can it's like a paid by numbers again each of somehow how i look great but he he asked me to just like draw hardluck deny dead it was like he now one and we're here and i showed him when it came up with fell out laughing not an immediate and he and i was like well what does it look like what a and he went you look like the face on mars with ramones harry so the face on mars is like this one particular cleaner on mars and it it looks like a face and i had drawn like joey ramone hair on it but the best part will and i was like oh my god like yeah that he should me the crater and was a gad's case but the best part was a year later i was like reading on the couch fee in some other guys fees in his feet remind i was reading spend lerner about called on four and he taught sitting on medina that bag i have ready yet but it certainly does so wonderful you'll see this so that book includes a apart that is about being editor being oppressive pick nosaka face blind person and he says the features de materialize into an effect and it's like being able to pick out certain parts of the sentence in certain parts of like the overall paragraph and seeing the features as the broader it gets like a kind of and unamir and then he includes he incorporate leak he puts in line a picture.

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