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Ladies. Y'all bus is you smiling. We take the right to safely. Say that sean. Achieve that in pitches face about right. I've known for twelve years. He rarely been met him through swith. And we all grew up in the same neighborhood didn't know each other which was fascinating and he was headstrong about that. Affection of love and social media was totally against all of that for years. And then he comes. Sean women can do for you and this man is up there singing love songs tour. I love it. I love it. She's busting his ass so much. He's coleman is here now but loan advocates say. Are you the great amount he lets you know okay. Got him toenail now. Also hospital knows we need you to groom up mike. Let's go to now shop together. Come on like you scratching your dreams. I've done that with main like will you come with me to the show. And the yeah. So let's show since. Let's show david jackson hate the arago. Marin is he's another one zero. I'm gonna mission cobbler training pinker. That's in the building. What's up training their W a w. w w. f. lx rochester. She's a part of that movement. I be up then few weeks and thank you for supporting. We truly appreciate. Yeah apprentice cogs. Good morning mr robinson. Only the show with all the shadow because we go so we. Just i just wanna show special love to you know everyone. Sometimes i hear the names. And sometimes i don't react but no dad i have so much love your and we don't do this show without prentice. Prince's nadan that chat room. This is facts report. Show my prentice man on that very disturbing. You need to see this live. You gotta come into studio. Princess's number here. Mike chinn starts to drip drip drip. It's trippy and went purchases. Not in there. Everything is thrown off the love that we have then that net net so ryan. Oh i'm you have a safe journey. And here is your t garlan. Made all of us cry when she made chat when she became chapman member of the week. We all in tears the tears. And what would we do without a woman like her. Eleven that goblet. Cla what's up charles. Hey good morning to you number one of my lunch pell geisel say a word. He's right in that chat room doesn't miss show former chairwoman with his dearest yet. Put that put that api be out of print this we sure. Do we have play by tex them. We'll show you do call long. Do sleep or i ask is so amazing because everything stops it just. It's very difficult so what it is. And that's what this show is about. My you know you have regulars that you don't see something. I write as speaking of regular more than at least say family members right exact to della andrews. Hello where are you go. Yeah yeah the new members are regular everybody else be more independent. You'll be a kasim but right now we let but you know these. Our kids in our on ts gold nephew. Y'all gonna get the minute but you know you knew when you gotta easing when you gotta come through every day to get your daily maintenance friday right. D- low is in the building what's up. Hey girl when nova one yeah. She's out there in the wastelands of north carolina. I wish she was visited by feet somewhere way some. Tom was four miles away and she had again a contract twenty miles to the supermarket but just one thing we do know about her. She's locked in every morning every morning up last night. She's from brooklyn. The godfather sola tracy. Ray is in the building. Hey tracy good morning number one jumped right into this thing park and hasn't since been sitting there he has about twenty five show heavy morning show featuring team parking tickets because he won't move that car he's right here with us. I know i had the bump in torment. The shadow had to truly appreciate his time here on this show. And thank you my below in the show with this child. And we're gonna get a chat room member to weaken your say that tanner watched in his here. Hey tanya good morning to you. Nobleman who support the movement. We dare intel. Hey dan good morning. He jumped on his train for your training. We have released him from bondage his his his his wrist. We've tied up in mediocrity and now look at him he's free to be him in the morning right. I am you moses. Who's next all right sean johnny. Jerry crawford is here he i think that's the guy from new zealand or something like that. Yeah pops every now and you are our representative in new zealand. My friend get all your friends out there to listen to the show. Why was funny. We probably rockstars in new zealand already. Don't even know it came black. What's up can. Hey how are you. This morning. For a member the weekends and yuri know-how fill about you when i've been sober from alcohol. Six years and kim was right there. in that journey. The beginning akin was twenty nine to thirty years cleaning alcohol and drugs. What more can i say. I love him in He's hilarious comedic. That w m dixon. Hey cousin was blessed to you. Barbie comb because without you. He wouldn't be here. That guy never met him before. I can't wait to meet. this guy. Sees a very intelligent punch lines. Poppit and he gets it he gets paid..

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