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Any publishes the result of a new study that says concern over climate change has been linked to depression anxiety through restless night's feelings of loneliness and lethargy the hardest hit are women and people with low incomes who worry about the planet's long term health as said the study published in the journal of global environmental change symptoms of this particular psychological condition implode restless night's feelings of loneliness and laugher jape sabrina helm the lead author of the paper professor family consumer scientists university of arizona climate change is a persistent global stressor a us navy ship is trapped in montreal until spring due to icy waters a newly commission navy warship we'll be win during in montreal after its journey to florida was interrupted by cold and ice a navy spokeswoman said the us little rock was commission of buffalo december 16th expected to make its way to its home port in mayport florida but instead the it's caught in ice since christmas eve in montreal and it will not fall sufficiently for this ship to move on hill may up mid march i'm sorry mid march so which is at the planet is heating up to the point our blood is going to boil or how does that coincide with a navy ship trapped in montreal until spring due to icy waters.

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