Tennessee, Vegas, Meyer discussed on MMA Junkie Radio - Episode 2515: Kevin Lee, Simon Samano


Burn i got you got you that's all sunglasses off let's talk to show time in tennessee was some show time it's yo time a guy that you guys never meet up and he he so he could have you don't keep our own tweet new the tradition going what's up shut time when he gonna be in vegas but was going on fellow been came while the personally i'm a broken meyer spoke to reply today oh my do ma do my minute oh the which means that i got an issue that hot i can show a it'll be five against at frequent gala you i'm coming oklahma junior 540 i want us uob marijuana spatial invites about the plot officer office are again are we talking about the gooda look is about the attack on i need a good at the party sowa you know i got one set up just just right at this moment but as soon as i do on that you know if it's up okay said on ethics laws of war on more this is oriole in alberta canada what's up morio hey what's up giggs hey can uh i'm really happy freeman i mean i feel like you did it the right way remember i remember when uh to stage iv cut think what's going on everywhere complaining that's right that's right and that's how we met at age was on your radar at the time now and uh i don't i don't even think you would stop by to give him the time of day now vm yes right you know you fear past kim you made your on high pete in takeoff than anybody else's name you need your own hyperthermic i feel like most by they should do it the way you did it you know so congratulations from still hockey free i go home on thing.

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