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A keno she wasn't that she was stupid bug eyes and horrible hairdo is she had that famous line from that movie must i don't remember the great guide you brought it up i had a famous one it was a famous line like a they're here it was like that but i see dead people of the famous one of those who are i know but it was a famous lion like that you're talking about the the girl from pulled the guys who is actually in happy days before she killed over and died for no reason you is great that little loved now the little girl bell her michio she just at a few years ago hidden there yeah on let's sabbath blond girl already that have a little girl died the sister died like a lotta people from that movie died that's for except for craig t nelson because he went on the store and coach coach was that not the best showing you any one of the only survivors of that stupid show i love that would link poltergeists to where they have the old man with the black hat that would just staring windows yep holt against who super gonna freak me out of the first one all first one freaked me that's why i never got to the whole too yeah when did people are popping up out of the ground especially in the yard yeah joe is when you want to go for a swim though a dead rotting corpse pops up thanks are it in its weird how they all of a sudden decided to come up all at once yeah buying it hits like wait a minute you've been dead for how long lookie you in an now you're pumping up because they have it'd be taking a stroll over here a going in the pool of whatever you're doing ridiculous now the man six one seven two three seven one two three four is the number six one seven two three seven one two three.

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