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Yeah, I think I think Chris you can look at you know Mitchell's play there and and it's pretty easy. Just say Hey, listen on that situation. Let's back off into the neutral zone. Really. We were forced into a corner rate by the boards and the blue line there. You don't have many. Options. Let's back out. Let's regroup. Let's try and find some time and space still awaiting a second player at the podium for the Blackhawks right now, As soon as we see someone, we will certainly die. Then it's gonna be interesting to hear Jeremy Carlton's comments after this one, and you know, in terms of of the four lines there was a There was a lot of quietness among the four lines except for that fourth line once again because You know when things were going well over the 2nd and 3rd period's usually it was that force lot of fourth line getting some action in Nashville zone. You just You just wish those guys were there for reasons. Just wish someone Would be that that may, perhaps is a little bit more of a finisher, our creator among those three guys because they do everything else, right on down that sheet of ice. They reliable in what they need to do. They're not going to create a lot of grade a scoring opportunities, but they're gonna muck and grind and they did get in the offensive zone. They're going to crash to the net. John had mentioned that Hagel was denied his first ever goal in the NHL by a nice save My pecker rainy, but that was a big scramble right around the front of the net. So look at that. And take a page out of the way that they play. It's a simple game. Put it into areas where you could four check. Get in there hard Finish checks, get pucks towards the front of the net. Get bodies there and look for those loose pucks. You know, I thought it was a quiet night for Um, You know a lot of players in this game that you would hope that they stepped up and continued building the momentum that you saw here in the last couple games and Circle back to its Malcolm Suban because some eyebrows may have been raised. And Jeremy Carlton didn't go to Kevin Lincoln. And for 1/4 consecutive start after a day off, trying to keep that moment, um going. You figured he was going to have to split these duties here, but this was certainly no felt of Malcolm Suban, and he has to feel pretty good about himself. Coming out of this game after having just that season opener under under his on his resume for this season. If you're the goaltender right now for the Blackhawks, it's very tough. Um, mentally too. Keep yourself Being positive in the process of what's going on here. You're looking for one goaltender to step up and be the guy. Not only are you looking for that one guy, but you're also looking for the guy who could be the The number two guy and there's three guys in the equation. They're all going to have some opportunities here. And I think that for Suban after that first game little bit frustrating against a really good team that buried their opportunities. Now you look at this game here at National had some good quality chances and he was up to the task, so he's got to feel a lot better about his play here tonight. You don't know when the next start is going to be. I would assume that because it's back to back that the Lincoln and gets back into the net at tomorrow, But there's not much that blanket and probably could have done in this game. There was any better than what Sue Banded. Tell you what as we wait more reaction, Let's take a break here. Our post game show. Great in them somewhere activity down in Nashville of the Blackhawks podium so far, just Matea CN Marquez spoken, so we're gonna take our first break here. Hopefully here for isn't black hawks on the other side. You listen to the postgame show on 7 20, WGN. The.

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