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Where it had it's like first beginnings i'd actually goes all the way back to like the thirties and forties no doubt like langston hughes wrote a poem about the ballroom culture shockingly like it has been around for you can tell it's too it's too traditional in the way it works for it to be so new like in just the eighties but yes so it follows these women all trans characters enga characters on the show are played by actual trans and gay people in real q just give a little shot for that like we have to fix trans women like six transplant all with names in speaking does not how trans women on a major on a major show with a major production look behind at all like i have i can't even think of show where i've seen that many characters diversity you know i will say and i kind of touched on this in my review for adolescent but ryan murphy has been around now for almost twenty years if you think about it like his first show was in nineteen ninety nine and it was for show doom but it was called popular it wasn't a two season show on the wb and it's probably at sounds his greatest failure he would say the show i think that has kind of field his rise to superstardom in the show runner world because he still thinks that was like the greatest show of all time and everything is done after his to prove that point but ryan murphy has been around for twenty years now and his career has kind of spanned various eras in culture in the greater media actually insane congressional majorities like he really has like each show i think of is a very specific part in pop culture like glee as we know was like huge wjr deal american horse or my god you've been bigger even bigger and then like even the new normal for a little bit was like at the zeitgeist american crime story is like.

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