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For five rather exploitive to me but home security the guy falls into a vat of chalk and you don't know honey T. L. fired sort of chocolate because nobody barely makes the it doesn't there's no way of funny to stand up you know in my defense it took me thirty some years for my nervous breakdown of selecting and drugs don't ever hear that's fairly it others like about chocolate covered nuts or yeah yes of course yeah my Haitian long look twice as big now that it's drop what he yeah I said there's something more more to that than the rooms I should have yelled fire are you young you have to hear it so that it's the whole land until I heard a smaller smaller roles are very we find it somehow god all right home security camera caught a dog chasing a bear from a New Jersey man the backyard recently our security footage shows the bare getting food out of a bird feeder I've seen this on a lark insist Yano is west Milford property was kind of a small bear in kind of a big doll when his neighbors Riley is a large que no shows this G. bear no don't say giant about the size of Christy okay that bear came in here there'd be enough no the dog then slams into the startled bear which scrambles to escape yeah Riley's owner Allen told state says his dog always chases the bear whenever he sees it near keep reading he's the Riley also checks on his children were in there in the pool apparently to keep the dog away or the bear away I don't know what got a pool and there's a bear in the neighborhood you don't fence it off yeah well but it's free it's really for this although if this is great news for the local squirrels sure Hey look right there on the ground as a pilot bird seed I thought her climb up the my takeaway take away have you seen this that does the bear the bear knocks over the bird feeder yeah these look in the seat offering them this these just reminded his own business his dog comes I'll just wait till they're they're going to beat this dog yeah when you sell your dog you have the room all mine good boy they don't physically attack dog I run from that dog too absolutely the dog I think the dogs the medicines the bears just minding his own dog goes look I am the only one oops of this yard you'll go back in the woods just like L. joke our last year with the story of the dog would bark at the alligator in the backyard briefly yeah yeah didn't end well for the well I haven't heard generally put up with that I looked at misfit look you've been warned one yes rice note doing it this was in was in Hoboken where was this this was in New Jersey okay hello what are you talking about the bear thing what was in New Jersey yeah it was in New Jersey you got to be a what if that was a made there yeah you're going to my Jersey you know I got I got to give me all mobbed up today so would it be a mob would it be a family of bears that live in the organized crime or would have been nice crime family with some bare members which would you say you're gonna see that dog we're in a cement leash also murky river if yeah there you go we is this the smothers brothers I was looking.

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