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Is good our top story aggression man is facing federal charges accused of trying to profit from the covert nineteen pandemic eleven ninety K. exes Gail Cunningham explains forty two year old Matthew Owens is accused of illegally buying and importing misbranded Cllr Quinn from China for attempted resale in the west Cork when the active ingredient in prescription drugs used to treat malaria has also been used in some coronavirus cases the investigation began April thirteenth when a package from China containing white powder addressed one department was intercepted at a FedEx facility in Memphis the substance labeled ammonium phosphate turned out to be Clark when Owens made his first court appearance Monday a conviction could be the twenty three year federal prison sentence Washington County district attorney is cracking down on burglary suspects or take advantage of the coronavirus shut down the suspects were charged with felonies instead of misdemeanors if that that relates to the covered nineteen emergencies such as stealing face masks or PP or if the suspect takes advantage of the code nineteen emergency to commit the theft the cover nineteen state of emergency allows for harsher penalties there's just one week left until Oregon's primary election ballots must be taken to the ballot drop off site by next Tuesday ballot drop off sites will be open until eight PM voters can also mail in their ballots by may fourteenth to ensure that it arrives at the election office on time a seventy two year old man and his dog were attacked by a black bear Newcrest well Michelle Dennehy of the Oregon fish and wildlife says the man fought off the bear and walked a mile home to get medical help he suffered lacerations and puncture Saddam's fall lacerations to his.

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