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You're out of black men in there with that much money and that just name clout that's coming back to the blue jays at the marlins trade all over again when you think about it. your headline which aus- johnson mark burleigh and jose reyes With some other guys thrown in like john buckingham. Osceola but Yeah i i think we're going there craig. is absolutely right. I mean the rockies. Just give away or an auto. Surely the blue jays can probably negotiate. We'll take on all the money and sure you can take russians. And maybe that's something that you got right there years three years for blackman layer options right. That's interesting eighteen is when i sovereign our amazon. What you were saying for in terms of price yes. He's twenty one twenty one twenty one mill. Twenty one mill than thirteen melt. The last two years are player options which at age thirty five and thirty six rate. I don't i don't see him getting out. He'll a lot one year of money for the rockies to get back. That could be critical. Right you're left could be especially knowing that it a player option really gonna turn down the money. No that's what. I'm saying looking at forty two plus thirteen. So you're looking at fifty five million dollars that the rockies have to be adhered to potentially and like we said he's probably not gonna opt out of those years plus the auto money which is substantial. You'd be doing the rockies favor all but can i ask this question though. Isn't that same fifty five million dollars better than throwing that same amount of money at jackie. Bradley jr. yes all reacted your job will sit the because if you'd includes if it includes a narrow nado than yes it does and at that point if i'm taking on all the salary you're looking at over one hundred dollars if i'm taking on all that salary i'm saying you get groshans and we get marc as black men and araneta. We'll take on all the salary that's it because we're more than we're giving you one hundred million dollar relief all totally. That's what you're trading for. Plus excuse yes part of that could be. It's just a balance out the money a little bit. Be like take ted aerobics. Twelve million and cannot but look craig where you're going with that package let let's say black included in this and you go aaron auto you take all this money you get more cast in there and i think you're right. I think it might take five guys to get this done. I think you're looking at danny danson. I think you're looking at a rowdy. Potentially maybe an outfielder. Let's leave lord assata this discussion. Maybe yaas cards in play maybe grischuk and then this is where it will get interesting. I still even know who he was a year ago. I still do. I i still. It takes sword groceries. I still think it would take a sim in which richardson ornella. Minoa or a cloth. Stein if you start getting that expensive do still bat by an ad. Both of those guys shapes johnson. Let's say for argument's sake t oscar out of it. Let's say let's in. Let's say it's groshans. Let's say it simian would richardson..

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