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Again 215 yards rushing to touchdown. Before he plays Monday night. Baker Mayfield talk to me, I'll make sure you get a sneak peek of what he says before the Browns take on the Ravens on Monday night. Keyshawn J. Will Anjuman Monday six Eastern on ESPN radio. Sunday night Football matchup has officially kicked off steel. Still 00 between the Steelers and the Buffalo Bills will keep you posted on that's welcome back to prime time on ESPN radio with filled Yates and markers like I'm Eliza Lang. Let's talk about one of our earlier matchups on this Sunday, and that was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers getting a win over the Minnesota Vikings. The box were coming in off of a bye week. No Kyle Rudolph for the Minnesota Vikings and Tom Brady would Lead his team to a win him and Gronkowski would have one touchdown connection on the day, which would give them 95 touchdowns together, including playoff games. That's pretty impressive. The books I think overall were impressive. After maybe the first quarter so field it was off to a little bit of a sluggish start. I kind of wondered if that was because of the fact that they were coming off of a bye week, but they ended up Ending this one with a lot more confidence. What did you make of Tom Brady and his performance after the week off, So I thought it was solid like I I don't think this is one of the best days we've seen for the bucks. But it was a win right is an important win because the playoff implications Earlier in the show. We were talking about how much Kicking game impacted this game. Specifically the fact that Dan Bailey became the first kicker in over a decade to have at least four attempts make zero of them. I'm talking about combined field goals and extra points. It just felt like that was a story of this game was missed opportunities by the Vikings that lead to easy opportunities for the Buccaneers. Brady was solid couple of Miss throws. He did have the beautiful throw to Scotty Miller down the field. My feelings on the bucks are that they better find a way to take it up Another notch or two to be taken as a legit. True, honest to goodness NFC favorite. Yeah, I feel like we all kind of jumped the gun on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Right? Like at the beginning of the year, it felt like it wasn't real. All of the moves. They were making the talent they were bringing in Tom Brady's going. Oh, now, Rob Gronkowski will now Leonard for Nets been traded from the Jags like it was just And insane, like fantasy football almost of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They were a Super Bowl team in the conversation going into the year now sitting at eight and five. I think a lot of us have kind of pump the brakes a little bit on. Oh, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be playing for a Super Bowl at home in 2021, hers. That being said, how much confidence do you have? That this is a team that maybe could kick it into gear? Maybe in the last couple weeks of the season into the postseason. What do you think? They obviously could mean any time you have Ah, elite level quarterback and Tom Brady. You got it. Ronald Jones Running the ball. Well, uh, you also have just your Mike Evans. Chris God with Robert Cal Sci's Scotty Miller. I mean, you just can name All the guys that airplane makers for this office, so there's obviously There's obviously a chance, and now you say, Okay, Well, what about defensively? Well, I mean, Devon White Levante, David. I mean, all these guys are playing really well and then later in this game when Minnesota was forced to throw the ball because they were down The defense of line really teed off, and they got pressure on Kirk cousins. So easily. I mean, just was guy after guy getting to Kirk cousins, and I think that all those things combined allow them to be able to make of far playoff run, however. It just feels like when one guy has a big day. Another guy doesn't or you know what Maybe Mike Evans has a bunch of catches, But Chris God was nowhere to be found or And so I think that this team needs to really All play well at the same time, and we've seen it a few times this year, right? Where you're like. Wow, man, this bucks team is really good. It just hasn't happened on a consistent basis. And so I mean, I'm e guess I'm excited because be just because they're in the NFC. They have this opportunity to go to the playoffs and theirs, will you No. One at their heels biting at their heels, saying, like we're gonna force you out, I think they're going to be in the playoffs and I think they're kind of opportunities to play some beatable teams. Because you're the Redskins gonna be. I mean, just depends upon where they land. In that order, they will have winnable games that could progress them into the 2nd and 3rd round of playoffs. As far as the rest of the season goes kind of a weird finale to their 2020 season. They've got the Falcons next week. Then the Lions and the Falcons again field. Do you foresee them winning those next three games? I do. I think they got 11 5 and they take the First or second, um Wild card in the NFC. You know, I just I think right now, and I could be proven way wrong because they did absolutely wax the Packers earlier this season, I'd look right now as the Packers on the Saints as the two teams that feel a class above everybody else, especially when Drew Brees is healthy. I'm talking, of.

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