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For the play by play. All right. You are hated. I am. I'm your hate even more. So this room, you're hated and all the Michael Thompson fence, h yeah, they're gonna come out of the woodwork going to say how are we doing? We're I'm taking a bunch of people to see captain marvel Thursday night at regal LA live downtown how we doing that. We are going to be having a trivia question. So yes, the answer something about the marvel universe. Wait a minute. But you're giving away twenty pairs of tickets each day. Oh, okay. Here's each say. So how does that work? We just give the question. And then you take the I have I have the questions for you. Yes. Now, we don't do all the moral questions on the air. Do we? Yeah. We do them on the air. So if you do so we'll do this next. Okay. Ask one of the questions if you get it, right? They get a pair of tickets. Okay. Get it wrong. We moved to the night. Got it got it. Okay. We got that coming up next. Mason and Ireland ESPN LA Mason in Ireland Thursday night opens one of the biggest movies of the year, captain marvel I'm a huge marble guy. I love marvel John you how are you on the marble? Don't think I've ever seen a marvel movie? Although Greg pointed out, I did watch Black Panther when I was doing laundry one day. So I had it on in the background there. You are what kind of forever conduct right? All right. So that I'm taking people to see captain marvel Thursday nights, seven o'clock at LA live, and we got very very simple, easy marvel questions. So you get you get one question. Right. You're in you're in you, miss it. You're out. Yup. All right. First up Jasper on the ten freeway. Hey jasper. Hey, what's up guys? All right. Here's your question who has a cameo in every marvel movie, and is known as the creator of marvel. Name the seriously three to one you're out or John and Montebello, you know, the answer. Who is it, Dan leaks? Larry great. You want me to put these guys on hold if they win. Yes. Stay on. Hold and do not go anywhere. All right. Okay. So that's one winner. John. Here's Ryan in Fullerton. Hey, ryan. Hey, how's it going? Good, man. Good. Are you ready for your question? I am I who is the actor that plays Antman. Paul Rudd that is for to hang on the line. We got three more to give away today. Right. We're doing five today. Five today. Robert in fun Tanna. Hi, robert. Are you good you ready? Yeah. Here we go. There have been two different actors to play the hulk in current in the current marvel universe named one of them, Mark Ruffalo, there, you go you go your in Edward Norton is the other. All right. So that's three. Let's go to Andy in Highland Park. Hey, Andy, you're on ESPN LA high. Good, man. Good. India? You ready for your question? I'm excited for this. Cool. Hey, we all right. Spiderman can tell when there's danger near what does he call?.

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