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High at sixty three with extra clouds around. It's forty five degrees at News Radio. WFL a Hillsborough. Deputies have arrested the person they say killed another man and left the victim behind the wheel of a van in the middle of Woodbury road. And Brandon Monday night. According to the sheriff's office. The unidentified victim was buying marijuana. From twenty one year old Paul mcchord of seffner when mcchord shot and robbed. The man deputies found the gun shot victim inside a minivan with the engine still running in the eastbound lanes of Woodbury mccord's facing first degree murder and robbery charges with a firearm in manatee county, deputies are searching for the gunman who shot three men in the backyard of a home in the one thousand block of fifty seventh avenue place east Wednesday sheriff's office says the suspect started shooting towards a group of people from behind a privacy fence the three were taken to Blake medical center with non-life threatening injuries. The of information about the case. Detectives are asking you call the manatee sheriff's office or crime stoppers. A high school guidance counselor in Paul county is on administrative leave and facing felony charges. Marcus Franklin's accused of intervening while deputies were taking a student into custody. It happened at ridge community high school. In Davenport, two deputies responded to a fight and were involved in a confrontation with a student Paul county sheriff Grady, Judd tells news channel eight that's when Franklin pushed one of the deputies to shield the students retails two detectives who were clearly wearing jackets say their shares wearing their appropriate identification, and certainly their firearms. You can't make an arrest only a law enforcement officer in a uniform can make an arrest. Well, newsflash we can and we did and you got arrested as well for being an idiot. Judge says the sheriff's office will also investigate the relationship between Franklin and the student a sophomore at the university of central Florida near Orlando has been arrested enter campus police found he had a modified AR fifteen with a so-called bump stock which gives it to the ability to fire like a fully automatic weapon. UCF police chief Karl Metzger says tips phoned into crimeline led them to twenty year old max chambers. Who reportedly told police he doesn't like laws at no point. Did this person express a threat to campus? But we take the disregard for laws regarding firearm seriously, especially in this day and age chambers was arrested. He's been charged with trespassing and eat as faces felony charges for possessing a machine gun and a bump stock. They thought it was a sinkhole, but it turned out to be a tunnel. Police figured out a hole in the ground. Pembroke pines shopping center was dug out by criminals aimed at a chase Bank branch nearby. Michael lev rocks and FBI special agent in Miami usually.

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