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Lets continue on with handle on the news, Jennifer Wayne and me Well, the Trump Administration has already limited the foreigners that can come into the U. S. But what if you are a U. S citizen and you want to get back into the U. S when it comes to Cove in 19 concerns. Good day. So now that is the latest thing that the president is looking into anyone who may have or may have had Corona virus that or cove in 19. He doesn't want to let back into the US and the constitutional issue is very interesting here. Does he have the authority to stop a U. S citizen come coming back into the country. And I think not. If there are alternative means to allow U. S citizens come back. That's a big step. U. S citizens can cut not come back in their own country. I think the president does have the authority to do what New Zealand did. Ah, and saying, If you're in New Zealand citizen, we can't stop you from coming back. You're two weeks quarantine at the airport. I think the president can do that with a health directive. Ah, declaration, But I think it would have a hard time saying you just can't come into this country will specifically at the U. S Mexico border and another one sending setting up the san You see to report of entry in that they're putting up testing site and again, there has to be a rational basis if it turns out that there is no more Covert covert positive. People are sick people coming over the border, then are already there in Texas, Arizona. I think he's going to have a hard time and at this point, there's no evidence that they are bringing in more so because community spread already and so I think there's maybe some big issues. I'm going to talk more about this at 9 20 by the way. President Trump briefly taken out of the briefing room because of an incident he.

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