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I'm with you god bless you my friend. I'll be right back. then mark Livin on talk radio six eighty. see a true legend the amazing Kreskin September twenty first the Gordon setter Owings mills get your tickets now special pricing available on Groupon just type in question and also purchase your tickets at W. C. B. M. dot com he thirteen seventy dot com or cordon center dot com. thanks for calling one eight hundred got junk this is Serra how can I help can you help me with spring cleaning even if it's not spring time sure we can do that we bring this spring time with us I'm talking about the house the garage in the yard this is going to be a lot of junk. the volume of a pick up truck but you pay only for the percentage of the truck you with your people help me move this stuff leave it exactly where it is we make John disappear all you have to do is. come after dark we were. seven days a week how much lead time do I need to give you. in ninety minutes. any time. we want happiness call one eight hundred got junk. happy happy. hi am attorney Steven free as many of you know.

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