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It, you guys. All right, will we return? Mahomes and the chiefs. Enter another must win situation against the packers on Sunday, no Aaron Rodgers will return and talk about the focus for mahomes and Andy Reid, they address the media earlier today you'll hear from them. You're watching NFL live, presented by Windows 11 and Intel. And so great. Yes. Hey there, I'm Julie fody from the podcast laughter permitted and we've teamed up with ally from day one of our podcast. My co host lino Zoe and I are loyal ally customers and the reason is simple. Ally wants to help you save your money well, so you can grow it well and spend it well on whatever matters to you most. You know Jules, I value the peace of mind I get by saving for the future. Or perhaps saving up for a trip somewhere. Anywhere. Please. Yeah, that sounds good too. If it matters to you, it matters to ally. And that's why they are committed to helping you do right by your money. To get started, visit allied dot com to learn more. Kick off your week 9 NFL Sunday at ten a.m. eastern with the countdown crew on ESPN ESPN app. All the early breaking stories injury updates and previews of each game right up into kick-off. Glad you're with us here on NFL live. Before the season, ESPN's football power index gave the Kansas City Chiefs, the highest percent chance to win the Super Bowl after week one, their chance to make the playoff rose to 92%, but entering week 9, look at that. The chiefs have seen the third largest decline in playoff odds since week one behind only the dolphins and Seahawks who have both been without their QB one for part of the season. We got Jeff Darlington here with us from keyshawn, of course, at Jeff, he recently had a chance to talk to mahomes. How much of a toll has the struggles he's had taken on him recently? Well, Laura, that's actually an interesting way of putting it because I don't sense that it's necessarily taking a toll on Patrick in the normal sense. I actually felt some optimism after talking to him because he didn't seem panicked at all, and he also didn't seem like jaded or cynical by the criticism that's come his way. You seem very willing kind of like almost sitting forward in his seat like ready to kind of attack it and address it, but not in the way that a lot of times some athletes can do when they're up against that criticism. He just seemed willing to say that I know we need to get better. I know how we need to get better and we're going to get better. I think from that standpoint, that could resonate a lot within that locker room. If in fact, this chief's team is going to bounce back. Yeah, and when you're a leader of a football team and you're a top notch quarterback where player for that matter in any sport, you know what your problems are, and you know how to fix them. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer to get there than most. But in the end, I'm not worried about Patrick Mahomes, and quite frankly, I'm not really worried about the Kansas City Chiefs. What they've got to do is just get back to the basic drawing board and stop trying to push the ball down the field, take the easy money and then capitalize on that before you start to move on to the next level, just because you got in a way with things in the past, don't necessarily mean you're gonna get away with it now. And I think Patrick Mahomes Andy Reid and Eric B enemy certainly know that. Yeah, shout out to our guy, Marcus spears, on that drive when they ran the ball with gore. It was like, man, this is what they should be doing. We'll see if they continue to go with that. All right, speaking of Marcus, we sent him and Dan over there back into the trenches. One of the best matchups of the line of scrimmage this week's voice. Well, part of it is gonna be with this Kansas City Chiefs Green Bay copy this week. This week I'm letting you know I'm ready. Hi. Anyway, Lucas Patrick versus Chris Jones. Okay, the guard versus the Green Bay Packers versus the defensive tackle from chief. Please let him be a defensive tackle majority of this game. Number one. And the one thing you gotta stop about Chris Jones is his ability to get upfield and pressure your quarterback and create sex. He's top 12 in the league. Right now in sex created. That many people are feasting because Chris Jones bones. No, Aaron Rodgers either obviously, all right, Nick Bosa Tom to show up versus DJ Humphries, Humphries has given up 6 sacks this season so far. Yeah, DJ got his work cut out for him. And obviously we saw last week the Green Bay Packers get a little pressure on this Arizona offensive line. It's a big challenge for DJ. Nick Bosa is an athletic freak, but he has the strength to go power. You better be able to protect it all. Many of times is rookie of the year for Shawn cider versus your big man balding member last week for the Philadelphia Eagles Josh sweat. Can't believe when I tweeted out that this was a good extension for the Philly eagles. I had Philly fans saying he's not good. Yes, he is, right? It's a point of contention with people when they don't see the gaudy sack numbers. Joshua creates so much pressure off the edge. Restaurants later has been playing wonderful. This will be a great matchup. This is about speed. This is about making sure Rachel and feet are right and he can protect that speed and that being off the edge. All right, how about this one? I think it's a big game too. Big one. Hassan Reddick versus Isaiah win. I'm gonna put Reddick up there just because the run game is such a big part of New England with Isaiah win as well, but Reddick's starting to create some issues for offensive. Yeah, he coming along him and burns are two guys that you talk about from Carolina, but the bottom line is this. The New England Patriots are starting to find themselves not identified how they want to play offense, how they work. You just had a tape about Mike Jones getting the ball out of his hands. It's imperative that win is physical in the run game, but also when that protection needs to hold up. Because those guys can go. Yeah. Sorry, this is the biggest matchup for me to speak personally. Harold Angie versus Whitney. Wait, I want to let you know. I wanted to put you up on the board, but he kept saying we got about. You can. Because my brother, the old man, is what I call him now. Spring plan at a very high level. Harold Landry is going crazy this year NFL fans, but it's his motor. It's his technique and his ability to get offensive lineman hands off of him and big with strong suit is to grab you with them big neck hooks and hold on to. You're gonna be one on one a lot. Absolutely. Wait, I got your back for you. I can't believe you did that. When I got your back. When I got you, bro, I got you. You know what? Dan didn't even try to come for you today, Marcus. You said you were ready and he heard. I told him. Yeah, he knows. With the absence of Rogers, Jordan loves now, the man in charge of the packers offense this week against the chiefs. We're gonna tell you exactly the plan for Jordan love and what it should be as he.

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