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When you leave your realize that something is not quite right. This is no mall to be. It's expired and gone. see it's makeup. This is a date it tastes to lift of life. it rests in peace. Have you ever nailed. It would be pushing up daisies rundown kuttan and joining the clad invisible x. Part of monty python famous dead parrot sketch from nineteen sixty nine which is now part of canadian. Legal history to in a written ruling last week a. b. c. supreme court. Justice recounted the skit nearly in its entirety. A claimant had spent years by glucose amine sulfate supplements which he alleges did not contain glucose. Amine sulfate a situation. The justice compared to the situation of the parrot purchaser he certified the women's class action suit meaning. It can proceed despite the company's argument that it met health canada's requirements to which the judge flapped back writing health. Canada cannot establish a protocol that requires that a parrot only still have its feathers in order to be sold as a live parrot and thereby prevent anyone from suing after being sold a parent who joined the bleeding choir invisible. They seems like a stretch but our colleagues at cbc news found a strong precedent for the use of monty python skits in canadian decisions including but not limited to the dead parrot sketch now sadly the attention seems to have caused the judge to reconsider his ruling which several considered inappropriately sketchy it since been emended which means the dead parrot reference is now no more it has ceased.

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