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Donovan McNabb will join us. We'll get his opinions on most of the quarterbacks. We'll try to squeeze. It has been as we came to the National Football League. We'll talk a little Russell Wilson contract extension. What's going on with Big, Ben? And Aaron Rodgers will Cuyler Murray the number one overall pick in the draft. And also get his thoughts on one of his former teams in the ES eagles. Donovan McNabb coming up in fifty five minutes. I have to talk some baseball though, right now. And something annoyed me from this past week. We saw a backflip happen and know before you call in at eight five five two one two four CBS and see how are you doing? But the bat flip I'm not going with the foot. I love the bat flip baseball should embrace entertainment excitement personality and the bat foot. I'm annoyed with the response to the bat foot where a pitcher. Brad Keller elects to throw at Tim Anderson. If you don't wanna player to bat foot. I've said this a thousand times. Here's an idea. Don't let him hit the home run. If you don't want someone to celebrate. If you find it obnoxious, if you find that he's showing you up when he throws the back. And show some emotion don't allow the home run. And then if you strike out, Tim Anderson. You can celebrate as well. You could scream at Tim Anderson. You could fist pump do whatever you want. To me, though, it's any Arctic. To throw at someone because you're annoyed that they did a backflip foot because they took you yard. And I get it old school baseball. People are going to say, well, it's supposed to be. Sorry. It's why the sports fading. It's why it's not as popular as it. Once was because the NBA there's excitement even though I opened up a show tonight. Tell you the game stink. There's at least some excitement, and that's in the way that the players do market themselves. You want to look at social media. How big social media's well players are smart. They're so active on social media. You can easily recognize them because of their social media presence. And oh, yeah. The gifts. Well, you see Steph curry when he puts up a shot. He's so confident turns around and starts walking the other way gif young people enjoy that young people see that they re tweet it. It goes viral. Russell Westbrook staring someone down it goes viral. Now the product in the first round may be boring, but they find a way to cause some type drama and some type of entertainment. If you want to take a look at the NFL, and they add a problem for a while embracing celebrations. They thought they got out of hand when I was going up by love Tarallo loans. Love terror loans at the celebrations love Chatto, Cinco with the celebrations. Love. Randy moss with the celebrations love Joe horn. Taking the cell phone out of the goalpost and celebrating its social media was as important as it was. And if it was around when those things were happening into level that it is today. Those that have been viral gifts now in football. There's viral gifts on touchdown celebrations. A lot of them now team oriented now. So in the eagles won the Super Bowl. They did a lot of team celebrations. Rob gronkowski. The gronk spike. There's personality with NBA stars. There's personality with NFL stars..

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