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To be with me. You know, I I was I was trolling around. Not in a negative way. I don't pick fights on social media. It's not my thing, but I was watching people question. Was something you brought up yesterday, which is a very valid point. Why? There are 10,000 plus tickets still available for this game. Biggest game obviously of the year so far, and there were there were two answers. I found interesting they were the most popular ones. One was the covid issue. The delta variant and people just really not wanting to be next to 100,000 plus people. Uh, the other one was the price of the tickets. So those two answers were the most popular as to why theory is why there's 10,000 Plus tickets still left. Yeah, I don't think it's that complicated. I think those are factors, I think I really think and I I know of a couple of people that are like this that not going to the games last year. Yeah. People actually got used to it and realize you know, isn't so bad. Yeah. I mean, I spent my whole Saturday I spend Who knows how much money it's just, you know, they got out of the habit of going and are like, I don't need to go, You know, so I really think that that's part of it to you think that maybe is one of the top things people just they got accustomed to watching it from home. They're doing their own thing from home. It's maybe cheaper save some money and the the cheaper part of it, which kind of goes to the tickets and kind of ties in with that, But yeah, like, you know, it came time around for that. You know for you months ago. Here's a $1500. You know, check. I have to send Ohio State for two season tickets. Yeah, and you look at it and you're like, Yeah. You know all those things we mentioned, you know, Covid. What's it gonna be like and Don't need to spend this money. I just I think all of that is a factor in this. I think people still love Ohio State. I mean, look at the TV ratings last week. Um, you know, Ohio State set records for Fox. But in terms of going in person right now, it's just I don't think it's a priority for Many Buckeye fans. It is for me, and for many it is, But for many, it's not, and I think that's why we have what we have. What one thing is for sure. As I let you do your sports, The excitement is still there. It's game. It is no doubt. I mean, this is going to be as big a game as Ohio State has, really this season. This Buckeye football update is the service of Mid state basement systems and clouds roofing. When the Buckeyes meet Oregon Saturday, it's still unclear whether they're going to see the superstar on the Oregon defense. Defensive end Cavon Fido. The projected number one pick in the NFL draft is still day to day, according to Oregon coach Mario Crystal Ball, who says Thibodeau is questionable for the weekend? Thibodeau supper date ankle sprain in their opening win over Fresno State potential Good news for Ohio State again potentially defensive backs Cam Brown and seven banks and safety Josh Proctor. All who missed a some or parts of the Minnesota game. We're all seen wrapping up practice yesterday. Nothing, however, officially from Ohio State on their availability. We'll talk Buckeyes and Oregon with you two tonight Join us for Bucks line from 6 to 8 first game of the NFL season is tonight Tom Brady in the box hosting Dallas trade in the NFL involving a former Buckeye defensive back Bradley Roby sent from Houston to New Orleans. He joins five other former Ohio State players who are on that Saints roster. Baseball. The Reds wake up this morning, a game back of San Diego in the wild card race while the Padres won the Reds lost 41 in 10 innings to the Cubs, who wanted on a walk off three run over by Jason Heyward. The Indians are shut up by Minnesota for a second straight night. They lose three to nothing tried has lost five of the last six Clippers also lost following to Gwinnett and the Buckeye basketball schedule is out. Among the highlights. They open against Akron. November 9th that showdown with Duke November 30th the Big 10 openers at Penn State. December 5th the season finale March 6th. At home against Michigan from the central Ohio Honda dealers Sports Test Matt McCoy news radio 6 10 W T V, And When the news.

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