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Your civilized yet provocative antidote to the self contained opinion bubbles atomic thanks Josh barro later in the show we'll talk about the down ballot applications of the possibility of a very large biting wind and we'll talk about some strength the progressives in the Democratic Party have shown in congressional primaries look at Donald trump's effort to reset his campaign with a sparsely attended rally in Tulsa Oklahoma in the political risks to him from worsening corona virus outbreaks in the south and southwest and we'll talk about China Democrats and Republicans feel increasingly negatively about how relationship to China but what can we do to change only one from the Atlantic council joins us to discuss that all that plus statues is coming up next on left right and center we'll be right back live from NPR news I'm Lakshmi saying financial companies led to a steep decline on Wall Street with a major market indices closing down two and a half to nearly three percent all tied to fears over new surge in corona virus cases in the U. S. a record forty thousand in a single day and here's Richard Harris reports a White House coronavirus task forces held its first briefing in two months the daily count of coronavirus cases is now worse than during the grimmest days of April when hospitals in the New York region strained to manage the flood of new patients but these new cases are largely in younger people many with mild cases that don't require hospitalization vice president Mike pence said the nation is not back to the crisis it faced two months ago the reality is we're in a much better place far fewer people are dying of corona virus right now though health officials cautioned that deaths lag behind a new cases by two or three weeks so the full impact of the current surge in cases won't be known until mid July Richard Harris NPR news Florida is among the states seeing a troubling increase NPR's Greg Allen reports the states now devising bars to shut down nearly nine thousand people tested positive for the coronavirus in Florida eclipsing the old record set just two days ago for several days this number of cases rose Florida governor Ron DeSantis maintained it was largely because of the increase in testing but this week as a percentage of people testing positive spiked the governors the community spread was a serious problem citing behavior by people in their twenties and thirties a number of bars in Florida shut down voluntarily after they became locations were covered nineteen spread among staff and customers regulators announced a crackdown and suspended the license of one bar this action now goes further effectively shutting down bars a knowledge meant that some parts of Florida's reopening may have come too soon Greg Allen NPR news Miami a federal appeals court has ruled that the White House overstepped its authority when it diverted to and a half billion dollars in Pentagon funds toward building a wall on the border with Mexico the two to one to Syngenta rule the White House lack constitutional authority last year the US Supreme Court allowed the two and a half billion dollars to be spent while the matter was being litigated the Minneapolis city council has taken a significant step toward dismantling the police department more than a month after George Floyd's death in police custody right Williams of Minnesota public radio reports council members have proposed a change to the city's charter which if passed by voters this fall would replace the police department with a new community safety department details of the new entity are vague but the department could included division made up of licensed peace officers in unanimous vote the council sent the measure to the city's charter commission which meets next month the head of the city council has asked the commission to expedite its review of the proposed language if the process isn't completed by an August deadline supporters will have to try again in November of twenty twenty one for NPR news I'm Brian Williams in Minneapolis this is NPR news in Canada the Toronto police officers been found guilty of assaulting a young black man during arrest in two thousand sixteen prosecutors say the officer was off duty at the time when he and his brother chase to find Miller corner the nineteen year old and beat him severely it causing him to lose an eye the last of three people convicted of a racially motivated church bombing that killed four girls in Birmingham Alabama has died intriguer with member station WBHM reports Thomas Blanton maintained he was innocent the bombing of Birmingham's sixteenth street Baptist church in nineteen sixty three was a seminal moment in the civil rights era the plan was not arrested until two thousand after the F. B. I. re open the case a key part of his conviction a year later were secret recordings authorities made in which plan talked about planning the bombing US senator Doug Jones who prosecuted Blanton visited him while in prison Jones told W. B. H. and last year he went looking for an acceptance of responsibility Tommy Blanton is the last the last hope for that but apparently he will go to his grave with all the secrets went and died in prison of natural causes Friday morning he was eighty two for NPR news I'm intriguer in Birmingham Alabama the house of representatives has voted to thirty two to one eighty mainly along party lines in favor of making the district of Columbia the fifty first state but the measure is unlikely to become law in the face of stiff Republican resistance Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell opposes the legislation so does president trump the house vote marked the first time since.

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