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Sure. So we made this in the mind that we're just doing those were just doing this film for the those original fans of all hallows eve because they really want something with art. And we're like, okay, we're doing something fun for ourselves for the fans, if something comes of this great, if not, oh, well, we did something for the fans ourselves we made the horror film that we wanted to see and we. Yeah, we think he's a cool character. But you never know you never know what's going to catch someone's attention. So we're like, especially Damien, he can be like, well, you know, you never know man is lay and say, no other people, I know trust me, this guy this character. There's something about him. This unique that's needed in this industry right now. And we're like, well, we hope so we didn't expect it you're in a position like you said like it's a different world now in two thousand nineteen. Eighteen seventeen when you made it than it was in, you know, eighty four when nightmare Nelson comes out with FREDDY, Krueger, Robert Englund become synonymous with that. There's been countless Michael Myers has been countless, you know, Jason's. But as far as being just one guy all the way through basically. From a from on all the child's play. Okay. But that's the voice. Yeah. It's the base is Robert Ainley, Robert. So that's what I'm saying. Like, we haven't seen Gumma hormone fanatic. We haven't seen a killer like this. So you're in the position now, and we'll go through the whole past of it. But right now as this continues to build you could be the next Robert England, and you're probably like a Shakespearean actors. How do you feel about this like some random character that now is people are dressing up as on Halloween and coming to the conventions, as it's it's mind boggling because I I never imagined. I would even do horror. I figure if I ever did her. I would be like the smart ass character. He gets killed off halfway can also that. Yeah. That's what I figured. I'll be like, oh, God blanking on his name from scream, you know. I'll be right back and underline everybody that Kevin bacon and everyone since I'll be one of those guys. He's dead is dead because I've always done comedy Mahone tire life. I've more focused on stage voice over in. This is just a random thing that came across because I had seen all hallows eve. Let's might be the clone. We just said DP or not told him valley his cards my room, and they just called confirm it. So you can leave that in there. But let's talk about how how did you get this part of our the climate, and what is your background because you mentioned it from Huntsville, but you live in New York now, which to me when actors moved to New York and not LA New York's more of the stage state, right? And that's why I removed up to New York. I grew up doing like community theatre back in Huntsville for the longest time. And I tried to be like pragmatic about my life. So when I went to college, I actually got a degree in elementary education. Because I was like well as much as I love doing theater, I probably can't support a family with and I'll okay. Well, I love kids. I come from like four generations of teachers, so I can do a career with that in due theater on the site. Great cool. Awesome. And then my mom dumb. I think it was like my sophomore year of college. She was.

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