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It. You know, we've done eight hundred sixty nine episodes. Now, we've had a couple where we've added come back. And and say, hey that prediction was off. I mean, remember. The Blasi fourth thing. I'm like, she's not going to show. I said, hey, guys, Scott that went wrong it happens. But this is important. It's critical stuff. All right. I got a lot to get through. So I want to move onto this Komi. Again, yesterday's answers are just unbelievable. And as I've been going through the transcript, some of the stuff is just staggeringly bad, one of them in particular, which was highlighted by the Wall Street Journal today to there's a couple of exchanges, which Jim Komi which are. So unbelievably telling us to this man's hubris. His chest. I, hey, look at me. I'm Jim Komi. I don't live in the constitutional Republic lay top same wa right? If I've horrible French, you know, I am the Republican. I'm waiting for him to say that. Right. That's me. He's so such an ego maniac. So take a quick listen to this exchange. It's incredible Trey Goudy. Hey, do you recall who drafted the FBI's initiation document for that late July twenty sixteen Russia investigation? Komi I do not. What you you don't even recall who initiated this thing? Would you? Now, get you keep in mind already knows the answer to this. So he says would you disagree that it was Peter stroke Komi, I don't know one way or the other Mr. gowdy, do you know who approved that draft of an initial plan for the rush investigation of late July twenty sixteen Pistre Komi. I don't so. So this guy the FBI director former FBI director Jacoby is about to initiate the most significant impactful counterintelligence investigation against a presidential candidate in modern the United States history. He has no memory at all who started or how it start. None. And we're supposed to take this guy. Seriously. Jim Komi, call my book, I like to call me. But by book actually has facts in it, Jim Kobe has no idea folks, no idea so again harping on yesterday. So I want to stay on this too long. But just doubling down his Jim commes one of two things. He is either a pathological liar or he is. Simply the most incompetent FBI director in the history of the Federal Bureau of investigation and there've been a few doozies in there. There's another one again highlighted by the Wall Street Journal today. Mr. gatty, how does the FBI launched counterintelligence investigations? What documents are required? This is incredible. Joe I'm not making this is the transcript, Mr. Komi. I don't know for sure because it's open far below the director's level, but there's documentation and criminal investigations and investigations to explain the Predication for the opening of a file that is the basis for the opening of a file, okay gowdy says well, well, who at the FBI has the authority to launch a counterintelligence investigation into a major political campaign and went that eventually have to be approved by you. I mean, he is the director, right? Mr. Komi, I know for a variety of reasons, I've never listened to this. I've never encountered a circumstance where an investigation into a political campaign was launched. And so I don't know how it would be done. You see what he did there? Now, I got an Email morning from God regular regular Email as good guy knows his stuff. And he said, you know, I picked out something interesting, which statements like that. Listen to his answer here to gatty counties. Asking him who in the FBI has the authority to basically initiate, a counterintelligence investigation into a major party presidential candidate, clearly the repre seizures, I explained this yesterday commes answers very telling he says, I don't know basically, we've never launched an investigation into a political campaign. Folks, why did call me one all this stuff public? Now. It makes sense for the same reason Dianne Feinstein, right? The same reason Dianne Feinstein leaked testimony of Glenn Simpson from fusion GPS. Remember that show?.

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