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We'll have one of those games because they're easing back into things but he they're going to punish you with with that run game very good at that side of it in dallas zach when you look at dallas. Who do you put above. And right now they they're. They're they're one of the top teams in the league. They beat the vikings on the road without dak. So you have to look at dallas. Say they're certainly in that. Top five category. Oh yeah you definitely do especially in the nfc when you look at the nfc. I think he put the rams up there. Specially after getting von miller. That just going to be disgusting. Of course matthew stafford as wealth and you. You have aaron rodgers and the green bay packers quite an interesting interview with aaron today earlier. And then you also have tampa bay. And i just going to give the nod tampa bay. Because i'm done betting against brady if he's in the nfl. Still give him the nod. But i mean that's a pretty talented and stack top. Four there in the nfc. Now no doubt. That's a great. Nfc side of it to those top four or five teams We've talked a lot about the broncos missed by not drafting a quarterback this year. Talking about pat ser tan. While the other guy they did not take that. I thought man if they take field ser tan. Mike parsons. i'm going to be happy either. One of those guys. I'm going to be happy when you look across the board here. You got pat ser tan and mike parsons teams going at it. This week. Mike has been pretty good for the most part this year when you look at the body of work though for persons with dallas. Don't you feel better about the broncos selection of pets retain with that i for trump. Yeah i really think the broncos would have been great with either of those guys both now after injuries to the cornerback vision both or inter in very much positions of mean for the broncos. Obviously broncos would've loved a mike. Apartments is year especially against cleveland browns team. Then when the inside linebacker just couldn't do anything like a person has been really a so. I think they both have been really good rainy. The way i view is what's more important. A good inside linebacker or a good cornerback. I think it's more difficult to find a good cornerback. And i think that's more of a premium so personally. I still like the value. Because i think they're probably pretty similar players in terms of the caliber..

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