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Now. 806 8 9 O one four three 806 8 9 O one four three 806 8 9 O one four three. That's 806 8 9 zero one 43. Celebrating the connection with our pets. This is animal radio, featuring your Dream Team, veterinarian doctor Debbie white, and groomer joy vellani, and here are your hosts Hal Abrams and Judy Francis. And if your pet isn't with you, go ahead and grab your pet right now. We can wait. No, seriously, go grab them right now. Bring them around the ring. They love animal radio. We have all of ours we have Molly the studios don't talk. We have ladybug the studio son dog rose in the corner right there snoring away in Laurie's little cubicle. My newsroom. Your newsroom. Is that what they call that? And we're missing a kitten today. There's usually a kitten in here. She's in lockdown, man. She's just too naughty today. Why what's happening? What is she doing? Just chords and everything. And she knocked over her flower arrangement the other day. And she's discovering that with claws, she can get just about anywhere. So she is definitely crawling up things, leaping, you think she's some kind of acrobatic. And she's all of two pounds. Barely. Two pounds wet. I love them when they're just little kittens. Yeah, they just have so much energy, and they're just popping all around. I wish I had that kind of energy. We're just about to go to the phones. This hour we're going to talk to Eric Burdon of the animals. And he has some kind of animal interest thus him being on animal radio. We'll find out what that's all about just a couple of minutes right here. On animal radio. Let's hit the phones. Well, hi, land. How are you? I'm fine. How are you? Good. How can we help you? Well, you know what? I just, I had talked to my vet, but we have a puppy in Australian shepherd. And I just wondered what you recommend age wise to get him neutered. I was told like 5 to 6 months, but I wondered if there's things that, you know, should his testicles have dropped by then, you know, he still doesn't list his leg peeing. He's more like a squat, so. Okay. In general, I'd say that my veterinary recommendation is about 6 months for the castration surgery. That's before we start to see the bad behaviors. Marking around the house, a little bit pushy dominance or aggressive behaviors. In our community, we have one of those laws that says that you have to neuter your dog and cat by four months of age. And I don't dispute the law, but I would say my preference is 6 months. And for some things like testicles, yes, they ought to be dropped by 6 months, but actually those little suckers should be falling on those puppy visits. So usually on the three month, the four month visits, if those testicles aren't there, then I maybe get a little concerned. But my 6 months, they should be in their normal position. If they're not, that might be a condition called crypto organism, where the testicle doesn't drop normally. Not that we would wait necessarily longer. It just means we have a little abnormality to deal with. But as far as neutering wise, you said he's 5 months right now. He's 6 months. Oh, he's 6 months. So yeah, I think he's old enough to sign up. And if he's not lifting his leg, I don't know that waiting longer may necessarily help him. It's not necessarily a hormone driven behavior. A lot of times it's learned from other dogs around him. So it might help to take him to the dog park and let him watch some of the big boys and he might pick up that behavior. Otherwise it might just be a little bit more time and he'll find it. You know, sometimes I sit down too. Too much information.

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