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But Tara was like, no we're gonna wait to hear back from the open table staff. Anyway, thankfully, it all came together. And. We there was four of us each of which have at least a college degree. We could not get the bed frame. To connect together. Properly. We've truly spit forty five minutes for people is just like we there's something about the bed frame that kept not staying together it so were there we are at section eight housing. We're in a specific residents room and on the corner of the room is a very modest air mattress like the size of a cut on the floor. And we're bringing in a full twin sized beds situation. It was exciting. Spurs is going to have a bed. And then the staff of the the kind of the supervisor manager guy of the home was was there, and he was really nice and friendly and just happy that we were doing this. We've finally get is comical how much trouble we were having with his bed frame. We didn't have many tools we had. I mean. We just barely were were getting we finally got the bed put together, and we need to have a sheet on we had a dust. What do you call it a dust, ruffle, right? The the kind of skirt the goes around the box springs, we had that. And then we had this clean attractive top piece. The the f- is a foam mattress, actually. And man. The sense of wellbeing that we were just helping a fellow our fellow man and some modest way, but such such a direct way. Everybody sleeps. Everybody knows they sleep better on a comfortable bed. I was really encouraged that. Not through my on actions. But I guess I was a part of some probably more compassionate people in myself. I was able to directly help. Someone. The two folks from open table, one was a volunteer. The other was an employee of open table. They had punk. Haircuts shirts. Tat's for the second day in a row. I was not interesting to myself. But they they were about fifteen years younger or more than I I'm forty three. They were probably like twenty five twenty six twenty seven. For the second narrow. I've felt like I was not cool enough to be doing what I was doing. As I waited for an experience to happen. But. The achieving of a goal was was done in both cases. So. It's monday. I'm a little early for work today that never happens. But I have a lot of work to do. And I. I have a focus. I'm going to let the power of intention carry me. I'm on this. I'm on this trajectory, the atoms that are keeping me together and keeping the universe together. Were moving in a particular way today and. I'm signing up for this. I may meet once again some punk Goth superstars who will be my guides today. I hope that happens..

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