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Nature boxes offering our fans fifty percent off your first order when you go to nature box dot com slash gaster pot that's nature bucks dot com slash gastre pod for fifty percent off your first order before the break we mentioned a woman named fanny lou hamer jonty is a huge fan danny lu was born to sharecroppers in nineteen seventeen in mississippi one of twenty children she started working in the fields at six and dropped out of school at twelve even without formal education though she became a major force in politics after she attended a protest meeting in nineteen sixty two she eventually helped found the mississippi freedom democratic party it was an opposition to the states all white delegation to the democratic convention so many of us know fairly lou hamer is the voting rights act with a who listeners know failures of rights act was i think of her is one of the boldest and most radical of southerners and she fought for access to the ballot in the nineteenth sixties at a moment when that was one of the most dangerous things oblak mississippi and could do yet i think oftentimes we lose a threat of her story a really important threat of her story is that fanny lou hamer recognize like dr king recognized that the next step after acquiring the right to vote was acquiring economic independence and fannie lou hamer a mississippi delta native thought that if black suthers win a acquire economic independence they should rely on that agricultural knowledge that they had developed over generations and so she began the freedom farm cooperative in the mississippi delta.

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