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Yeah blossoming into something special and I can't wait to see what that is. Thank you so much. No worries me a few other questions kind of moving more into the Kristen very Cavallari realm. She's been spotted with a comedian like on dates. Are you surprised that she moved on so fast from her divorce with Jay Cutler? I don't think so. I mean, I think that J and Christian were kind of broken up for a little bit before they even announced it off and she's probably just trying to have some fun, you know, she gets to get a weekend away from her kids and she's in Chicago. She might as well make out with a cute cute comedian wage. Honestly, it reminded me of the old Kristen and it made me so happy single Christian. I feel like she's going to be a lot of fun totally because that's what like what I loved her about her so much in Laguna is that she was so confident and she played all of these guys like Stephen found talynn and yeah, it was just even that guy she made out with that. Yes, so I'm like so excited to see how long this goes because yeah, I I don't know single Christians the best Kristen I'm like she deserves to have some fun. She was married for a long time and money, but let her have some fun. Yeah, and I totally agree with you that the relationship like possibly was was over they had that really dead. Long trip at the beginning of quarantine that weird to me where they were stuck and I don't think they even like stayed together during that trip from everything I've heard. So I'm sure even before that. They maybe they were just trying to have like one last family trip or something. But but yeah, I mean, I think Jay's moving on as well just practice hasn't been caught I should say. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Do you think they'll both stay in Nashville or do you think they'll move elsewhere? I don't know I think so cuz her uncommon James headquarters is here and I know Jay has a lot of roots and Nashville. I think if they move anywhere would be back in Chicago. Not not L A. I think it would either it'd probably be back in Chicago and if they do move, okay, that's really interesting today. I actually listened to your podcast with Shannon. That's where I am in your your birth. Huge inventory. I do have a lot of episodes so many but it's been so nice to just binge them all through quarantine. Are you still friends? Yeah. We still we're still pretty friendly cool. Yeah, it must be hard obviously to keep in touch with certain people during covid-19. Scooping I'll be honest. I was kind of like feeling myself a little bit. I'm like who like I'm getting all this inside information, but it's also kind of like you're running a fan page for Laguna Beach and Kristen was on Laguna Beach and now you're kind of shiting on her show in like everything about it. So I did not handle that well,.

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