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Relied heavily akiba a source did note a he shot his load it might be the might might be divorced yes i dunno i believe that's not true but sao paulo tony idled speculation of of joseph shame on you gave no scott roof their standards and if some eu leaky accuse you of things no proof you run out writings dan's alma itself right okay the speaking of running a kirk is going to run out at nine thirty and tried to go across the street to the gym and benchpress to a set on the bench and give back here before peter kings answers over tries are feeling good today approximately three minutes i the only guy can't i think that's going to take your water than you think to me longer than you think to get such how phone dude i echoed down the stairs out the door that's a minute i would say at least a minute leaders and the related with all your you gotta do you to do the rapts i i think it's going to be you got to come in at like 342 is gonna be facebook live yeah he spoke to live by somebody who trail me guerrillas the interim will be trawl okay cadillac when you guys sank followed me out of co hurts very professional a workout foot i mean so it's like we're gonna dino again my health has my haircut zika was notes code greg kugler a quick israeli radar peter peter beta beautifully has earned him guess here john dennis huge date the station really portnoy at nine very brief very soon here do we think you'll hit above the race this yep at the mid these were doing well organised moves to come and once he leaves the ratings go up so i think they're thinking he believed in the rigs will go up as a backer a good predictions bill maher could be the next thing now why why bill more which the evidence that the rumors were we say wind we mean a deal that you're talking about rape allows talking about rape sex controver scandal researcher had someone who uses their position of ours gilead echo to be a liberal because that the media had the coverup for them well i mean would kirk was out in la trying to make it as a screenwriter i would assume.

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