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Steal the game and he's been amazing and he's given us so many highlights this year but you worry about the wear and tear when it's all on one guy shoulders and that's what we're seeing now so you referenced. Jason quick from the athletic dame tells them on sunday. This is quote the worst year physically. He's endured in his entire career and abdominal injury. That happened. i think Early in the season in january both multiple times needed need bangs that he's he's had a hand injury along the way knee again like it's been it's been brutal and besides that you learn to win one way where it's like okay dame's got take it all on get guys back and you think well you should be better now but you have to settle your offense now. You've got to figure out how you're going to play with a full complement again. So i think that maybe there's some of that too but you're right chris. Look you flagged it right off. The bat defense like this team has firepower. They've always had firepower when that backwards been healthy and those guys have been together for a long time. Now they've had. I was looking back through this other. Twenty nine hundred defensive rating right now. There are twenty seven th last year sixteenth year before so at least the middle of the pack Six thousand two thousand seventeen eighteen. That was the year. They had alvarez camino evan turner. Mohawk louis davis select their wings in their front court like they just had more stout defence then and ever since they lost all those guys. It's been just stepping backward back. We're backward but before that season twenty-second nineteenth. So they had one top ten finish defense of efficiency in the last one two three four five six. Whatever years terry stotts does preach defense like. That's that's certainly. I don't think it's a terry stotts thing. I don't think they've had the personnel they do have an undersized back court they haven't had enough upfront. I i don't know where to begin their chris but defense is a huge issue. And a bigger one when you're superstar. Mvp candidate who generates all of your offense is now beat to hell. I wanna know howard what he's doing out there like daime little wants to play. He's as competitive as they get in the nba. But sometimes you have to save a star from himself and you can say well. They're trying to compete for playoff spot. You take it out of the lineup. They'll start losing their already losing their already playing poorly like this is a decision now with the benefit of hindsight i guess that they should have made two weeks ago and pulled him out of the lineup and said look. We're gonna give you three weeks off to rest all those injuries that you mentioned that he told to jason quick give that some time to heal and see if that makes you stronger for the postseason because right now he's not he's he's probably sixty five seventy percents from the games. I've watched all of his former self. And you're not beating anybody like that so it's not too late for portland. I think to do the right thing and to sit him down for an extended period of time. Now is there risking that of course you could continue to lose at eventually slipped to tenth and wind up in the plane game but or the plane tournament. But at this point resting damian lillard is really the only chance in. What is a very small pool of chances. The blazers have of doing anything in the playoffs..

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