Cortisol, HP, Sympathetic Nervous System discussed on Future Thinkers Podcast - FTP042: Neurohacking with Daniel Schmachtenberger


Oh yeah so this is like the first place that functional medicine doctors and naturopathic doctor talked to people which is understanding how the hp access works ended the dysregulation hp access usually starts at the eight at the adrenal side emmett roughly you can say the sympathetic nervous system enervate sti adrenal cortex and the primary hormone there's many coming in that process as cortisol and the pera sympathetic nervous system enervate seadream mundul up and there are oregon mini hormones are coming out but the primary one is dha so the ratio of cortisol to dha as hormones the endocrine system in the blood representing stomach defects is roughly equivalent to the sympathetic pera sympathetic ratio of the system as a whole man you know related to chronic stress so in early phases of chronic stress cortisol goes up in the precursor to cortisol in the brain e c t h gaza after that's been the case for little wild dhea starts go down because cortisol and each year both make from the same precursor hormone of pregnant london to rate limited hormone defined that amount of it after a while if someone stays in chronic stress cortisol starts dropped to simply because he brunel bunch of the teat and now dhea its way lower so you can see people in high or low cortisol adrenal stress states depending upon how long they are met up with all aji but too so you can you can give someone by identical hormones or things support hormones to give them in the rate range quickly and make the person feel better secede do out of blood or a salivary hormone lab took it a greenalls you can do that but the big things just gonna be dropping stress slow.

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