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Pounded portions of south dakota with record snowfall right before birthing season i received response yesterday from under secretary northey informing me that fsa is announcing clarifications to the lip policy later today based on that request so i'd i'd like to say now that your town response and sensitivity this issue to assist our livestock industry is very much appreciated last may as i mentioned you came south dakota you join me on a tour of the black hills national forest and saw firsthand the effects at the pine beetle infestation has had you also have the chance to see the positive impact that finning and the timber sales program have had on forest health and south dakota south dakota however a large portion of the black hills national forest remains at high risk of catastrophic status wildfires so can you tell me if we can expect timber sales to increase this year in the black hills national forest synagogue authority all provided us in the forest management as well as the fire funding we certainly hope so we'll prioritize those and i would expect there are a lot of pinup demand elsewhere in many other places i can't specifically address what the plan is for that but i can have our chief forester tell you what the plan of regarding sales are able to do in that bill frees us up to do what we need to do and what i saw in your area in the black hills forest showed me very demonstrably how good forest management can make a difference and insects and in wildland fires good well that was that was the intended effect the legislation let me just reiterate a point that's been made by number my colleagues already on the s these these waivers that have been granted by epa are a back door way to reduce the renewable fuel standard in the.

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