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Yep. Yep, you got anything else? Where else you got? I have a couple of them. So, you know, here's the one that a little bit more contemporary, not really anymore. But a band that I love and everybody in my family loves is a band called the strokes. The strokes. First album called this is it was in our opinion. We love that record. Song for song is not a bad tune on there. And this is a band that still headlines arenas, headlines, festivals, as a matter of fact, the Boston calling festival is in Cambridge this weekend, headliner on the first night is Nine Inch Nails, headliner on the third night, is Metallica. And the strokes, the strokes are actually headlining on Saturday. In my, in my opinion, you know, hugely strong, unbelievable, great debut album. If you haven't listened to it, you really should. But none of their subsequently releases ever lived up to what they put out when they initially got together and put out that first record. Yeah. Are you a fan? Are you a fan of this? Do you know those guys? No, never really, never really caught on yeah, you know why? No synthesizers. No sense. That's right. No sense. That's right. I know there's one. What's the popular song? The most popular song? Well, one of them is last night. Last night. Yeah, that's right. Juice box is one of those things. They were part of that kind of garage band. They kicked around for about two or three years, right? Them in jet jet was like that too. Well, jet is another, I mean, Jed, I think only put out two or three albums and then first one was great and a lot of fun and light and they never lived up to it as well. No. And I think if they were doing this 30 years ago, they would have had more play, but it just shit moved so fast now. Yeah, I think. Well, you know, look, here's another one. Here's another band that's been around forever in a day that have lived off of the energy of their first album. And I may catch a little bit of shit on this, but Boston. No, you won't catch any shit because actually somebody had mentioned that Phil Kelly had texted me. He says, what's the topic tonight? And I kind of threw out there and he said, he said the cars, but I think candy O was just as good as it was just as popular as their first album. So I couldn't agree with them on that, but he says Boston, which everybody knows Boston's second album is what? That's the question, right? Yeah. Yeah. They have a second album. Don't look back. They would just, they were never able to recapture what Tom Schultz had done on his own on that that first album. And, you know, to respond to Phil's comment about the cars. I think the cars first album is their best album, but they put out some really solid stuff. Candy O, as you said, I love it. It's a great record. There's a lot of great stuff on panorama. Yeah. You know, and even heartbeat city. You know, that was their biggest album. I think. I think their biggest wasn't that summer, yeah, like a merry go round. I just, I just love it. It adds so much to the show when you sing. They want a lot of MTV awards and they it's just fantastic..

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