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Lot of them kids younger than twelve will no longer face prosecution for most crimes except rape and murder and kids younger than sixteen will no longer be able to be tried as adults many businesses are going to have to start paying their workers. More than minimum wage is increasing to twelve dollars an hour for larger companies and eleven and our for smaller ones public companies based in California will need to have at least one woman on the board of directors by the end of next year and starting January first people will be able to apply for a non binary driver license from the skew tie KNX ten. Seventy NewsRadio nine fifty another look at your money. Here's Frank Motech. Breaking Wells Fargo news here Wells Fargo to pay five hundred seventy five million dollars. Resolve claims Wells Fargo violated state consumer protection laws in all fifty states and the district of Columbia the announcement coming just a few moments ago, a Wells Fargo Walser creating a consumer restitution review program consumers, we haven't been fully reimbursed to restitution programs already in place may seek review by Bank. Escalation, team course Wells Fargo based here in California has been under fire since it was revealed a few years ago that employees had fraudulently opened millions of fake accounts to meet their sales goals taking a look at the stock market this morning. It's been bouncing around after what's been a tumultuous but positive week. So far right now, the Dow is up fifty points on top of the big gains. We've seen the previous two sessions. It's been a struggle though. We've seen some wide swings again today both positive and negative the S and P five hundred right now five and the NASDAQ composite of twenty. One. We check the money at twenty and fifty each hour. I'm Frank Bo tack from the HMO has capital money desk can extend seventy NewsRadio says the makings of something. That's going to be really cool a festival of being planned right now to Mark the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock until you more than just ninety seconds. It's nine fifty one from.

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