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So eighteen for years next. Three hundred gruden five total one three and one five toll thing not not a car. So they're going to have to figure that out. There is gonna aaron rodgers. Talk is done for this year. He's going to be in green bay. Does it happen next year. We'll worry about that next year. One interesting thing though is that they're saying that now devante atoms may be more willing to sign a long term deal with the packers in the course of ladders a lot of hope and speculation. That he'll end up being raiders. Still a long way to go to that. But you know we'll see we'll keep you up 'cause that's what we do. We stay on top of things you know. I wrote something last week. Fred warn warner excuse. me number. Seventy pick in two thousand eighteen. Got a monster deal from the forty niners linebacker. He was picked five picks after brandon. Park of the raiders traded up to get brandon. Parker parker said that day i was in the media room that he thought that he go in the fifth round. Pj hallway cigarettes. Tuesday thing house will no longer raider. Parker may get cut so a lot of people. I write it and you know people. Love defending the raiders. And that's fine but let's look at track record to track. Rutgers are relevant and the raiders. Need linebacker stud linebacker. Yes a lot of people. Bypassed warner but jon gruden got used that as a as a miami. Wasn't there yet. it was two thousand. Eighteen came next year at some point. He's going to have to find his own. Fred warner and stopped making reaches so. I thought that was a fair story. So yeah so just something. He needs to find his advance. Think they're going to go the playoffs data poll seventy percent think. They're going to go to the playoffs. Hey we'll see we'll see. Come on mike mayock. You know we do here. We talk about the news and notes of the week and we want to make you the smartest raider fans in the nation. I gave you the tidbits that you can't always be around because you have a job. This is my job mayock worse. Gm in the nfl. I that's that's where a you know. A ranking off see. I'm so glad he's off. Season rankings are almost over I think nbc sports daily twenty six active returning. Gm's 'cause they're six. That are starting their damning graded work it you know. I don't know if he's the worst in the league. That might be a little harsh. But if he's gonna get clapped for being the worst. Gm we. Jon gruden has to share some of it because gruden's leading the shell right so they're either going to do it together. They're gonna fail together. That simple is at grund. Today's the entire coaching staff is vaccinated. only four or five players aren't jalen rashard. Put out a tweet last week. That suggested that he's not high on vaccine. I don't know if he is vaccinated but that he put you know the rules really time for players who are not vaccinated in derek carr told victory over the athletic. Hey look at you know. I can give you my opinion. But i'm not gonna push anybody to it so it sounds like derek carr is. There seems to be advantages for people were vaccinated so it seems like the car is one of the vaccinated players. I feel the same way in personal life. I'll tell you i'm vaccinated. That doesn't mean that. I'm gonna push anybody else it's all everybody's personal he hit for being vaccines say screw. You mind your own business in that person's rights divisive. They us needed vaccine. It's everybody's business but in the nfl world it's a lot easier to vaccinated. So that's his players are going to have to consider all draft catcher sign. Everybody signed everybody's. Good with the raiders. Which is nice. United sound from doing something tomorrow. On fifth year option guys. This is a big year for fairly neighbor jacobs. If he stays healthy he's gonna get the he's going to get the optional he might just get extended like miller did before the ox. The option of i think i think it's fifty fifty on farrow a neighbor..

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