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Closing bell. The Dow up one forty five this is Fox News. W IPC mobile news on the level of the. Is getting a response cloudy and sixty three degrees. Maybe an isolated shower. This evening falling temperatures tonight, mostly sunny by daybreak tomorrow. I'm STAN Lear. Here's what's trending at four zero two more tips may lead police to the killer in Delphi. They're getting more tips, but they need those. I'm Chris Davis. The Indiana state police say they've gotten over eight hundred Email tips since yesterday when they first showed a new sketch of the mandate believe killed Abby Williamson Libby German Delphi. They've also gotten a hundred fifty tips by phone and over fifty tips to the police agencies that are directly involved in investigating their murders. What they're looking for is that one tip that they don't have that solves it. If you haven't call or Email, Chris Davis, Ninety-three WIBC mobile news feed and intoxication have been ruled out in the crash that killed in Indianapolis five recruit this weekend. What made a truck crossed the centerline causing the four car crash is still under investigation medicine. Mcgill reports. Indianapolis fire department recruit was killed in that crash on comfort road near the Indianapolis regional airport. Hancock county sheriff's department captain Robert Harris says with crashes of this nature. They do more than question answer session. When we look at a lot more factors to the last twenty four to forty eight hours of a person's scheduled to see maybe how long he was away Callan, internship, if he had slept the night before he says this will help them determine if the seventeen year old boy driving the truck had fallen asleep behind the wheel or.

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