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We have great guests. Nancy applemans vassal. Nancy is the founder and the ceo of the ap l. s. group. We are doing. This talked about communication skills with nancy. Mastering the art of difficult conversations. Nancy could you please introduce yourself and let people know just a little bit about you please. Absolutely and i'm delighted to be here today and thank you for pronouncing my name absolutely correctly so sometimes the challenge for people and you obviously mastered it right away so as you said. I am the crowd founder and owner of payless group which is a Training and consulting firm that works with organizations who want to uncover get over there blind spots that will enable and enhance an increase their effectiveness and their influence in the workplace and in life. And what we do know is that communication is either the driver or the inhibitor allows a conversation and relationship to continue. And whether that's personal or business we've been in business. It'll be twenty one years on july. First i have a team of folks that Helping troves of facilitation of workshops and coaching people and also we have what we called back of the house and what we noticed that without a strong backer the house marketing invoicing etc and operations that it would not be successful and we still not be standing today. the other thing i would say to. You is my background's in counseling and also psychology and education and so i may also certified speaking professional. The national speakers association and Have a masters degree from the university of colorado at them. That's very impressive nancy communication. It's not easy. I know..

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