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Throughout your visit call six one four eighty to fifty five twenty five see if IV sedation is right for you traffic and weather together powered by temp starring classic air I'm John Hill of newsradio six ten WTVN another beautiful evening in central Ohio a mix of sun and clouds to begin with then tonight just mainly clear the low down to fifty eight degrees on Wednesday partly cloudy a little more humid a high of eighty four and eighty six on Thursday with the chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms whether powered by the basement Dr it's eighty in west Jefferson eighty eight your severe weather station news radio six ten WTVN Columbus state community college says they will remove the statue of Christopher Columbus from campus sometime this month president David Harrison announced today that the monument will come down within the next two weeks and that the decision is not just based on recent protests but was part of a years long internal dialogue some Ohio schools could see some financial relief soon if the governor signs an emergency relief bill it passed both the house and the Senate last week in calls for an additional payment to districts that lost more than six percent in state revenue this fiscal year the state Senate meanwhile is also working on house bill six seventy four it would change the state's liquor laws to allow bars and restaurants to serve alcohol until four AM on Saturdays and Sundays this bill comes after businesses were forced to close down for weeks due to the covert nineteen shut downs it would also eliminate restrictions on Sunday and holiday liquor sales today the attorney for George Billy Wagner who's facing murder charges for the deaths of eight members of the road and family in twenty sixteen in Pike County is asking for a reasonable bond to be set pre trial hearings in Pike County common pleas court are set for the end of the month for Billy his wife Angela and their two sons George Wagner the fourth and Edward to Jake Wagner but corona virus restrictions could push those hearings back further the American red cross is now testing blood donations for corona virus antibodies the organization says whole blood and platelets will be tested to help researchers learn about how the virus is spreading in Ohio temperatures everyone wears a face mask at our blood drives if you don't have one we can provide one for you we write down every donor touch point between donors we have all of the donation pads in the health history stations spaced a minimum of six feet apart Ronnie Wilson told our Joe Riley efforts are in place to keep you safe he says the test results will be available within seven to ten days here's ABC six first warning weather clear skies tonight it'll be cool with a low of fifty eight currently it is eighty degrees I'm Alison Wyant this news a serviceable legacy retirement group our next report at seven from smartphones and TV's desktops laptops and tablets pretty much everywhere all you have to do is tell your smart device supply six ten WTVN on I heart radio and I heart radio original podcast October sixteenth nineteen seventy two to congressman for the small plane in Alaska they fly into violent weather icy conditions carbons and disappear despite a massive search I'm glad they're not online round and they're they're never found the case goes cold that is until a young reporter named John wall's act starts standing right in the middle of the porters pass Alaska what he finds is one of the strangest stories you've never heard did he indicate what was in the suitcase he said it was a bomb so join John as he tries to figure out what happened to congressman Hale Boggs and baggage.

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