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With Washington's one size fits all responses to any number of problems we've had in this country professor welcome back to double bill Sir let's start with the oil crisis Ford Carter even Reagan early on where the federal government reached out and grabbed power Donald Trump has he begun to do that in this case has a degree let me just stop and say all this talk about my brilliant work you should really say more John well we're up against the clock today I I've traveled on way too long about golf a pop I'll be I'll be more of a bigger one insightful more often is but to accompany my name look it up I remember the first oil crisis I was a graduate student in Cambridge mass at the time and you know it's a it's a very packed area and the east and the US government set a fifty five mile an hour speed limit across the whole country and laid back did you know with the idea that if you didn't do it they wouldn't give you any highway money which is you know pretty pretty substantial threat but will the one that I like is that in Boston or that I remember is that you they made everybody in the country agreed to right on red well I think right already most of the time great idea and saves gas and so forth but in Boston where people take stoplights is kind of a suggestion and not a rule the the local officials thought it would just create more chaos in the streets let's not do it and the federal government just threaten to cut off their highway money and they had to buckle under what's striking about trump is that for all the hyperbole and bluster from the from the bully pulpit of the White House he's really given federalism a chance here and I think even some governors including Andrew Cuomo for example has set different policies for the more rural upstate areas of New York fan for it very highly populated areas around New York City and buffalo so I think it just makes sense to decentralize a fair amount of power but to centralize some other thing policy guidance check spurted by emergency personnel federal funding all of that totally agree professor you know I've said this a hundred times on this program that I don't know why governor Pritzker in particular does an offload some of the political responsibility for this crisis to the counties and two other mayors in the larger metropolitan areas because why not he's up on the criticism anyway and they know what they're doing and if they break it they can they if they break it they have to buy it you you catch my drift absolutely and you know downstate Illinois it is a lot different from the area inside I eighty and inside I eighty is a lot different from the very dense areas not only in the city of Chicago but in women you know when the Cicero in many of the highly populated areas right around Chicago so I agree with that and I don't think I think it's a problem to try to set one policy for everybody at this point though I would say a fair amount can be just allowed to individual people I'm over seventy and as a result I'm going to be taking very different precautions than my children who are in their mid thirty S. well that makes sense and here's the deal we've all seen what this can do especially to those of us who are more vulnerable cell and now it is incumbent on us to take care of ourselves and Grampa and gramma as well and take the economy out of this medically induced coma we put it in and get back to work and the vaccination will come along hopefully sooner rather than later and we'll learn from all this but I I am gratified that the federal government has a reached out with draconian measures or you know even some of the I know we didn't they haven't thought about martial law but you know a lot of people warning about them running we're just much too reasonable for that I think also the good news is the judiciary on a federal level is packed with a lot of concern is now that would slap that down in a moment I take it as absolutely right and I think said that the idea when when president trump says I'm going to override him and sounds as if he's being you know puffing out his chest in going to exert everything yep what he means by that is I'm going to issue federal orders that override those of the state of Michigan and I'm going to do it from the oval office I think that's wrong what he means is I'm going to A. as the build bar to look into the department of justice filing suits in federal court to prevent over reaching by state local governments and I think that's a perfectly fine is really no Reagan did so well just talk directly to the American people say call your representative I once managed to have lunch with Ronald Reagan it was just me and about a thousand of his close and he was in Chicago and it was amazing and that if you have a second I'll tell your audience about it please everybody who is powerful and rich in the in the state was in that room and then they had some people who are sort of seat fillers like may and when Ronald Reagan came into that room for a luncheon talk there was one person in that whole room he really wanted to see Jack Brickhouse the cubs announcer that was the first person he went to bed that's how Ronald Reagan got his start with announcing the UPS games from I can morning with Omaha what it's no different good morning yeah he only got the lines over the teletype telling him what the last matter had done it he had to sort of get all up till now but I agree with you the president has an incredibly powerful voice and sometimes this press to usurp actively and sometimes and quite often he uses a hyperbolic but you have to do what you said right at the beginning watch what he's doing now what he says professor Lipson thank you Sir I hope someday have Americus attached to my title we'll see you soon down at the university of Chicago have a back up here soon you are great with merit John thank you Sir have a great weekend stay safe Charles Lipson joining us here on W. L. asks how do you feel about your your dentist the good news is they are open and they still claim that they are not at all not at not at all thrilled about delivering pain from time to time the mama that.

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