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Michael live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. President Trump has praised a federal judges. Ruling the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. We'll be able to get great healthcare. We'll sit down with the Democrats. Sitting down with the Democrats, and we will get great care for our people. The judge's ruling yesterday said without the mandate or the tax penalty, the ACA is unsustainable and that makes it unconstitutional. The ruling is expected to be appealed but aspirations have been barred from walking through a neighborhood in Rancho Cucamonga known for its elaborate holiday lights and displays the city passed an ordinance at only allows people to drive down certain streets because of safety of to this guy lives in the community and toll KTLA he used to host grace great Christmas parties in his neighborhood. And now our guest's have nowhere to park they can't park on the street and probably within a mile radius. There's no parking a new rule went into effect last night. The public can drive through every day through Christmas Eve from five to eleven PM to check out all the seasonal setups. Snow valley is open for the season ski resort and running springs. Drew skiers and. Snowboarders yesterday to enjoy the snow when there's more snow. This is the best ski resort in southern California is currently a mixture of real snow in the man she made stuff on the slopes police in New York said that they have conducted a wellness check on Saturday night lives. Pete Davidson after he wrote on Instagram in part. I don't want to be on this earth anymore. He's apparently, okay NBC did not cancel tonight show Davidson has been on SNL since two thousand fourteen and has spoken about suffering with borderline personality disorder. Cops did not say where they met up with Davidson who was the fiance of singer Ariana GRANDE Dame two of since broken up. An eleven year old has discovered that giving is better than receiving a Christmas procon headed to the WalMart in Ludlow, Massachusetts Thursday and paid off appearance layaway he says have someone not as lucky as he is wouldn't miss out on Christmas feel happy that another kid could have a Christmas. Dislike mine Brady says he was in. Fired by seeing a story about an adult who did something similar and says he hopes his gift keeps giving hoping that other kids could catch along with this sort of kickoff trend Amy king. KFI news Twitter countries have agreed to new rules for the twenty fifteen Paris climate accord, still hangs in fragile.

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